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Rep says Johansson interview was fake

Beyonce may have finally opened up about her marriage to Jay-Z, but Scarlett Johansson isn’t following suit, despite a cover story in U.K. Cosmopolitan suggesting otherwise.

According to E! News, Scarlett has threatened a lawsuit against the magazine after she was featured on a recent cover talking about her personal life with new husband, Ryan Reynolds — something she claims she did not do.

In the magazine, Scarlett was quoted as having said: “Ryan has a very romantic side. We both enjoy remembering little things that make us happy – for me, that’s what romance is all about.”

However, a rep for “The Spirit” star told E! News that the interview is “wholly fabricated” and called the story an “obvious attempt… to gain monetarily by misinforming their readers.”

Scarlett “has at no point granted U.K. Cosmopolitan an interview, and she has never discussed her personal relationships with the publication,” her rep continued.

“Ms. Johansson, who goes to great lengths to preserve an authentic representation of herself with respect to her fans and the media, is disappointed to see a seemingly reputable publication inexplicably publish a work of fiction at her expense,” the statement concluded.

As for Cosmopolitan, they announced they were looking into the interview’s authenticity.

“U.K. Cosmopolitan printed an interview with Scarlett Johansson that included quotes from an agency journalist regarding the actress’s marriage. We ran these quotes in good faith with the understanding that the interview was carried out with the approval of Ms. Johansson and her publicist,” the statement, released to PerezHilton.com, read. “U.K. Cosmopolitan is taking the complaints by Ms. Johansson’s publicist seriously and is investigating the matter further.”