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A reluctant 'Loser' finally gets her wish

Bret Hartman / NBC / Today
Frado received a makeover from celeb hairstylist Ken Paves.

Every episode of “The Biggest Loser” is about change – the lifestyle changes players make on the ranch, the physical changes that come with weight loss, and little by little, the changes in each contestant’s self-esteem. But Tuesday night’s show was all about instant changes — makeovers.

The annual restyling event, this time led by Jessica Simpson’s former BFF, Ken Paves, gave the competitors a chance to forget about the game and appreciate the new bodies they’ve worked so hard for over the last 10 weeks. For most, the new looks were simply fresher, neater versions of their otherwise familiar faces.

Then there was Frado.

Seriously, what did Paves do to Frado? The man looks like a middle-aged Danny Zuko now. Not in a good way. (Is there a good way?)

Makeover week obviously left everyone in good spirits, because once the competition was back in full swing with a stair-sprint, the fastest “Losers,” Ada and Brendan, gave up their lead so that jobless Patrick could win the big prize — a new car. Aw, that was sweet.

Of course, the sweet vibes didn't stick around for the weigh-in. This week’s yellow line claimed Frado and Lisa, and while Frado may not look like himself anymore, he’s still the same powerhouse behind the T-Birds (er, the black-T-plus-Patrick alliance).

It’s a shame no one pointed out that fact to the rest of contestants. It’s not every day that they get a chance to vote out a huge threat who also happens to be a major part of the only alliance in the game. It’s a chance they might never get again since they unanimously decided to send Lisa home instead.


Of course, given Lisa’s wavering commitment to the game and near-constant desire to go home since the second episode, she hardly seemed to mind leaving the ranch behind her.

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