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Reese Witherspoon hilariously re-enacts 'Legally Blonde' scene with Andy Cohen

During a visit to Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday, Andy Cohen helped Witherspoon re-enact a scene from "Legally Blonde."
/ Source: TODAY

Reese Witherspoon plays a cop in her new buddy comedy "Hot Pursuit," but last night the actress went back to her days as an aspiring lawyer to show she still has what it takes to play Elle Woods.

During a visit to Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday, Witherspoon and her current co-star, Sofia Vergara, joined host Andy Cohen (in a wig) to re-enact a memorable scene from the 2001 flick "Legally Blonde."

"You have fantasized about being friends with America's favorite Gemini vegetarian, Elle Woods," said Cohen as he introduced the latest installment of "Clubhouse Playhouse," which previously saw the host gamely performing a scene from "Notting Hill."

Witherspoon reprised the role of Elle, delivering her character's announcement that she plans to attend Harvard Law School to pals Margot and Serena, played by Cohen and Vergara, respectively.

"Road trip!" the trio excitedly exclaims, before Cohen hilariously offers Witherspoon his "lucky scrunchie."

Watch the full scene above.