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Red Carpet Quotes! "You Called Me a Diva!"

Hollwyood's biggest A-listers and heavy hitters have made their way to the Beverly Hilton Hotel for tonight's Golden Globe Awards, and they didn't hold back when they stopped to chat with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. Check out the best of what they all had to say right here!
/ Source: E!online

Hollwyood's biggest A-listers and heavy hitters have made their way to the Beverly Hilton Hotel for tonight's Golden Globe Awards, and they didn't hold back when they stopped to chat with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. Check out the best of what they all had to say right here!

"It's really comfortable, actually. I could eat a cheeseburger in there. Not that I would--I don't eat meat. But I could! Because there's so much room. It's so comfortable!" --Olivia Wilde on what she loves about her beautiful Marchesa gown

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"I'm Chopard! It's the only finger it fit, and I said, 'I have to wear it! Oh, I'm wearing it on that finger!' " --Kaley Cuoco when asked about the gorgeous ring she was wearing on her left hand

"He was just really funny. It wasn't anything in particular that he said. He was just really funny." --Jennifer Love Hewitt on how her new boyfriend, Alex Bleh, won her heart when they first met

"I blend into the background when she's around, so it'd good to keep it separate." --Chris Hemsworth, on why he and his new wife, Elsa Pataky, tend to handle red carpet interviews individually

"I'm not a jock and I'm not bad...I'm terrible! They didn't give me a plus one for this. It's a pretty tight event. We all work way too much really to have personal lives." --Glee's Mark Salling, when asked if he was similar to his bad-boy/jock character and why he arrived at the event solo

"To be geeky about anything is to feel passionately about it...absorb yourself with it. And I think that that's a really attractive trait in somebody, and also very necessary to be successful at something." --Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons when asked to elaborate the true meaning of being a geek

"When you say I'm a diva, that has a whole other context. You're trying to row your way out of this, but you called me a diva, and that has a certain connotation." --Alec Baldwin, joking with host Ryan Seacrest about his choice of words to describe the comedic actor

"[Laughs.] We're working on a snoring situation, but I think it's under control."--Hawaii Five-O star Scott Caan's girlfriend when asked what her biggest pet peeve about Scott is

"I hope not! Otherwise I don't think I'd be working very much!"--Glee star Dianna Agron after being told she's nothing at all like her character on the hit show

"I think I'll just go close enough to the edge but not go over it. I'm not worried about the celebrities. They're all right. They're not scary."--Tonight's host Ricky Gervais on what he has planned for the night, joke-wise, and whether he's worried about audience response

"I sent her a long, self-important email about the psychological misgivings one would have. She said it helped.:--Robert Downey Jr., on how Gwyneth Paltrow came to him for advice for her role in Country Strong

"Everybody can have their own opinion. If people hate me, they hate me. I'm sorry you hate me, but I don't know you, so it doesn't matter to do anything."--Modern Family's Sarah Hyland oh how she brushes off the sometimes-critical elements of Twitter

"No, no one should be frustrated. First of all, I'm always wearing Spanx...I wear Spanx to bed! My husband's like, 'What is this flesh stocking that's on you?' I'm like, 'Trust me. It looks better.' "--Modern Family's Julie Bowen, telling Ryan her body "secret"

"I've gotta wait. I've definitely been thinking about it, but I haven't done the book or anything. I'm open to suggestions."--A pregnant Natalie Portman when asked if she's cracked open the book of baby names yet

"I think people wonder what we wore to protect ourselves...Sure, it's like a little loin cloth."--Jake Gyllenhaal when asked what people ask about the most when it comes to how he filmed the nude scenes of Love and Other Drugs

"He was the one who really wanted me to go and make this film...I don't know if I can go and do this now, and he was the one who kind of gently nudged me out of the nest."--Nicole Kidman on how her husband, Keith Urban, gave her the push she needed to take on her role in Rabbit Hole

"My dad lives in Canada, and he doesn't get to come see me often...He gets to come to as many shows as possible, but I love my dad and I'm really happy that he's in my life."--Justin Bieber on what his dad means to him

"I never worked like this before. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work this way. I worked on it for four years, building don't always get that kind of time."--Blue Valentine star Ryan Gosling on the great experience he had making the award-nominated film

"Doing great! Tumor's gone, and this type of cancer doesn't usually come back. I gotta check in every month, but I'm so happy to be out. This is our first time out in months and months. And to be able to come to this cancer-free is pretty special."--Michael Douglas on his progress battling cancer

"I'm looking good for my age. I do everything in moderation. I try to eat healthy. I try to work out at least two or three times a week."--Modern Family's Sofia Vergara on how she stays in such incredible shape

"My daughter, who was so mad at me because the last time, she watches E!, she was like, ''You'd better say hi to me on the show.' And last year I didn't, and she hasn't forgotten about it today, so I'm going to say hi to Ella and the rest of my kids."--Mark Wahlberg, taking a moment during his interview to say hi to his family watching at home

"Well I didn't wear this dress for nothing!"--Mad Men's January Jones, noting that she isn't surprised Ryan was distracted by her gorgeous, revealing Versace gown

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