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Reality star Ray J's 'unbreakable' glasses break and the Internet can't stop laughing

The awkward moment after the glasses broke caused Ray J to trend on Twitter.
/ Source: TODAY

A hilariously awkward exchange that involved singer and "Love & Hip Hop" star Ray J challenging an interviewer to break his supposedly "unbreakable" glasses is going viral.

"I just feel like you're so frivolous with your products. You're slapping the table. They're flying everywhere. You're tossing your glasses," Speedy Morman, a video host for Complex, told the "Right on Time" singer.

"They're unbreakable," Ray J confidently replied.

After Morman challenged Ray J to prove it by stepping on his glasses, the singer told Morman he should try.

"They're unbreakable. They can not break. It is impossible," Ray J said, smugly stating it as though it was a fact he was so sure of, such as the sky being blue.

After going back and forth, Morman easily snapped the glasses in two with little effort. He then looked at Ray J for a response. An awkward beat passed before he replied.

"I don't care," Ray J said.

People on social media could not get enough of the incident, as well as Ray J's deadpan response, causing the star to trend on Twitter.

Morman called it a "late entry for funniest interview of the year."

Other fans said they admired Ray J's confident attitude and that he could sell just about anything.

Others noted that the moment reminded them of earlier this year, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk told an audience the company's new Cybertruck is "literally bulletproof." Musk challenged an audience member to try and smash the Cybertruck's "armor glass." He succeeded.

One thing is for certain: Ray J and his supposedly unbreakable glasses will live on in Internet infamy as one of the funnier moments in 2019.