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Reality Bites! Jesse James on the Hook for Pit Bull Attack

Jesse James better keep his dog on a short leash next time.
/ Source: E!online

Jesse James better keep his dog on a short leash next time.

E! News has learned that a pit bull owned by the Monster Garage host in his Austin, Texas, motorcycle shop got loose and attacked another pooch, nearly sending it to doggie heaven.

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Per a spokesman with Austin Animal Control, James' pet happened on a Corgi named Buckley and sank its fangs into the poor fella's neck before police called to the scene managed to separate the two. Buckley's owner also came to his dog's defense, punching the pit bull in its face until it gave up.

The mauled pup was rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital where it was sedated and doctors stitched up the wound and drained it to prevent infection.

The pit bull involved in the attack was not Cinnabun, James' pet that briefly went missing last year from his Long Beach, Calif., bike shop as he was going through his ugly split from then-wife Sandra Bullock due to his alleged cheating.

A rep for James was unavailable for comment.

But TMZ reported that the owner subsequently reached James' assistant, who gave him $250 to pay for the medical bill. The American Outlaw has also vowed to cover any additional expenses.

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