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‘Real World’s’ Puck arrested on DUI charge

“The Real World: San Francisco” star Puck — real name David Rainey — was arrested on a DUI charge, California Highway Patrol officer Brian Pennings told NBC San Diego, over an accident Friday night that has left him in the hospital.

“(Rainey) was arrested for suspicion of DUI, however, he remains hospitalized due to his medical condition,” Pennings told the site.

According to Pennings, the former reality star will also be facing charges of child endangerment and driving without a license.

NBC San Diego reported that the Rainey, 41, and his 8-year-old son, Bogart, were severely injured in an auto accident on Friday that left the car upside down in a stream bed after it rolled down an embankment.

According to TMZ, sources close to Rainey’s family said he and Bogart were traveling on California’s Route 79 on Friday for a fishing trip when Puck swerved to avoid hitting a deer and lost control of the car.

However, Pennings did not mention an animal, telling NBC San Diego that Rainey lost control of his vehicle due to a curve in the road on Route 79.

“Due to his level of intoxication, he was unable to negotiate a curve in the roadway,” Pennings said.

TMZ further reported that after being transported to the hospital, doctors discovered that Rainey suffered broken bones in both feet, his right hand and his neck, He also reportedly fractured his clavicle and sternum.

Rainey’s son reportedly suffered damage to his liver and bruised several internal organs in the accident.

The reality star is reportedly expected to remain hospitalized for another week.