Real Housewives' Camille Grammer: "You Are Not Going to See My Children" Next Season

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/ Source: E!online
By Bruna Nessif

While Camille Grammer fights to keep Kelsey Grammer's daughter Spencer away from their Hawaii home, Kelsey decides he's keeping their two children, Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, away from the small screen for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' second season.

"My ex wouldn't sign the release, so you are not going to see my children," Camille told E! News. "Mason really wanted to be a part of the show."

And the custody battle continues...

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Although Mason is upset at the halt of her uprising fame, her little bro wasn't too shattered.

Camille said he didn't seem as disappointed. "My son is too young and well, he's a boy," she added.


The reality star has other plans for her children this summer, anyway.

She told us they are headed to Hawaii on the Fourth of July for a 10-day vacation. (Can we come?) Camille said that after that trip, they will be staying in town for the summer because Jude is headed to summer school.

When it came next season's new Housewives, Camille's lips were sealed. Well, kinda sealed.

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We're of course talking about new-rumored castmate Brandi Glanville. Camille wouldn't confirm if Brandi was joining the cast, but she did tell us, "She's fun, she's a hoot. She kind of tells it like it is."

Sounds like it'll make for good TV!

Camille says she can really connect to Brandi because they have both been through sensational divorces ( Hi, LeAnn and Eddie! ).

"I feel bad for what she's gone through," she told us. "We've gone through something very similar."

Camille's lawyers are headed to court on Monday to argue for child custody. Sounds stressful right? It is, but the mother-of-two turns it into a positive by making it her "stress diet."

"I've lost 16 pounds since the beginning," she says. "It's going through the stress of Kelsey leaving and then shooting a reality show at the same time. So it's a combo."

But that doesn't mean she slacks in the workout department.

"I love to go on hikes, play tennis, surf, and go paddle boarding," says Camille. "I'm a terrible surfer, but I do it anyway."

Hey, Hawaii's a great place to practice!

--Reporting by Sheena Rao and Justin Matthews

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