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Is the Real Demi Lovato-Ashley Greene Story Being Covered Up?

According to reps for Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato, there was no "Greene effect" on the Disney star's recent breakdown.
/ Source: E!online

According to reps for Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato, there was no " Greene effect " on the Disney star's recent breakdown.

"There is no truth to this rumor or any other rumors of conflict between the girls," Ash's publicist tells E! News.

Funny, 'cause we have multiple sources who witnessed the heated exchange of words, starting from Demi's end.

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But reps never fib--or cover stuff up--so we're sure D and A are totally BFFs.

Fact is, Ash being in South America with Joe Jonas was probably just the breaking point for Demi. That, and a scuffle with a back-up dancer who was also in the airport in Peru--but that was over stuff entirely unrelated to the Twilight star.

And yes, sorry, but that "scuffle" happened, too. Hell, if the almighty People is even reporting it, that says something!

Lovato checked herself into a treatment center for many, many issues, not just boy woes. Again, props to the Disney darling; that takes guts at her age.

Thing is, publicists aren't the only ones scrambling to save face right now. Disney is also on high alert, enforcing those nondisclosure agreements it has its worker kids sign. You know, like all of Demi's Sonny With a Chance costars?

Basically the mega-empire that is Disney wants to shut down any possibility of people talking about all this, unless the cast is sending Demi " best wishes " sentiments.

Even Lovato's dad--who has been estranged from his daughter for a couple of years--isn't allowed to go on camera without Disney's OK.

So what's the big secret?

Unfortunately, we're hearing there are a few demons from the Disney set that suits want to make sure stay out of print.

We'll oblige, then. Just wish Demi the best right now.

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