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Readers want ‘Real World’ in their towns

"Real World" viewers across the nation still want to see the Bunim-Murray show come to their hometowns. Plus: Grab your torches, head for "Survivor" reruns.
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Despite the fact that after 13 years, "Real World" has become almost a reality-show cliche, readers across the nation still want to see the Bunim-Murray show come to their hometowns.

When we on locations the show might choose in the future, we were deluged with mail from folks who'd really like to see their cities get the publicity, good or bad, that comes with having seven almost-always-soused strangers set up shop there. Some boasted of their town's attractions, others flat-out admitted there was nothing there, but still wanted the show. It's a wild world.

Here are some of your suggestions. And remember, while the next location hasn't been announced yet, our money's on Key West. Sorry, person who suggested Riverdale, Michigan, population 2,477. (Archie Andrews, is that you?)

GO SOUTH…“Why was there no mention of one of our nation's booming cites? Atlanta! It's clearly the next big city. Austin? Come on.”  –Taylor

“Why don't ya'll do the Real World in Alabama? It would be neat to have them come to a southern state.I mean we might not have much to offer but I still think Alabama is a neat place to be.”   --Ashley

“I find it odd you forgot some cool cities Real World could go to, like Tampa, FL known for beaches, babes, and bars. Or how about Virginia Beach, VA?”   --Charity

“How about a place in Mississippi? Maybe Tupelo or Jackson.”  –Keshia

“Maybe the Real World could come to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”   –Anonymous

“Suggestion for Real World location -- North Carolina. It does have some claims to fame: filming studios in Wilmington, Dirty Dancing was filmed in Asheville, big name bands play in Chapel Hill. Any of those three cities would be good and it would definitely provide a different perspective.”    –Anonymous

“Do you think that the Real World will ever come to Oklahoma City? Just something to think about!” -Taylor

“Will there ever be a TV show that takes place in Kentucky? Nothing ever happens here!”   --Brooke

GO WEST…“The rumor around here is that the Real World for next season is already in the works for Orange County. I've heard that they were doing casting calls or however they advertise at "The Block" in Orange. It's the mecca for the 18-22 year old crowd in Orange County, besides the Irvine Spectrum. Makes sense considering they're riding the wave that was created from "The O.C." show and their Laguna Beach show.”    --Joe

“I thought I heard buzz around the Real World setting up shop in Boulder, CO. The bars, the people, and all the outdoor activities would make for a great season. Or move into Summit County, CO and work at a ski resort -- that slacker life needs some exposure.”  –Becca

“ I think that The Real World should take place in Salt Lake City. It has an amazing underground party scene and it would get rid of all those stereotypes of coming from Salt Lake City Utah.”    –Anthony

GO MIDWEST…“Why don't you guys go to Minneapolis, Minnesota? It's an exciting place and a lot of bars.”  --Gina

“I think that the Real World should be somewhere like Iowa. Not much to do here and maybe there would be no fighting. I love the show and would love to see it in a small town not one of the big ones again.”     –JZ

“Real World should set up in Riverdale, Michigan. There is a different kind of reality there, but reality nonetheless!”  --Joe

“ I was wondering if The Real World will ever come to Wisconsin because Wisconsin never has reality TV there. It's bound to be a blast since Wisconsin is known for its alcohol drinking, you are going to get a lot of people to watch too!”    --Alli

“I agree with having The Real World season cast set at a location such as Fargo, ND. I am from around the ND/MN area and would love to see 7 strangers try to survive in the "real world" without access to beaches and celebrity filled night clubs. Then let’s see how they'd survive.”     --Jennifer

“I was just wondering if a reality show was ever gonna take place in Kansas?”  --Mandy

“Born and raised in St. Louis, MO so I am partial, but I think it would make a great location for the next Real World.” --Jane

GO EAST…“I just had a suggestion that Hoboken, NJ would be a great place to have the real world for one season.”    –James

“The Real World should come to Albany, NY! Why not hit the capital district, complete with colleges and universities up the wazoo, Saratoga, and with NYC and Boston so close?”  --Shannon

GENERAL THOUGHTS“Why do they always have to film the Real World in a big city.....why not a small town and have them work on a farm or something.”    --Deborah

“Just a thought about Real World — I think they should have the show in a foreign city where English is not the primary language and make those kids actually work for a change! Paris I think was one of the best shows, after the first 2.”    --KR

“Where should the Real World go next? How about the graveyard? This show has gone on for about 7 seasons too many. Same show, different city, I think the players are clones from the first few seasons. Get drunk, get laid, get sick.”    --Deb

Q: I thought I saw that OLN was going to show all of the seasons of "Survivor" starting sometime this summer. Do you know when that will start? I didn’t get addicted until season 4, so want to go back and start from the beginning!     —Linda

A: Ah, who wouldn’t want to relive the days of naked Richard Hatch, grumpy Rudy, and foul-mouthed Sue Hawk? Yep, as their ads proclaim, it’s time to “grab your torches, head back to camp.” The “Survivor” showings began Sunday, July 24 on cable network OLN (Outdoor Life Network). The network was waiting until the Tour de Lance — whoops, I mean, France, ended to start the reruns.

Episodes of all 10 seasons are airing in order, with each episode rerunning 3 times each day. A press release from the network says that in addition to showing episodes in order, OLN will also package the programs "according to various themes like ‘Most Villainous Characters’ and ‘Biggest Twists’." You can see the whole schedule on OLN’s Web site.

It’s a great summer for those who want to soak up old reality shows. “The Amazing Race” has been rerunning old seasons for several weeks now on GSN, formerly known as the Game Show Network.    —G.F.C.

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