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Readers upset that Mr. Eko was smoked

Readers aren't too thrilled about Mr. Eko apparently dying on "Lost," and some believe the decision was racist.
/ Source: The Associated Press

"Lost" has written some startling killings into its script before, but they've often contributed to the plot. This time, it's hard to find a reader out there who thinks having the mysterious black smoke kill Nigerian warlord Mr. Eko was a good idea.

Readers like Eko's mysterious background, religious bent, and how it was impossible to know if the character was good or evil. And now that he's apparently gone, they have plenty to say about it. Here are some of your comments.

STRANGE TWIST“Taking Eko out of the picture was strange given his strong role and is a strange plot twist. The writers need to be careful of plot twists as they can remove the audience from the plot entirely and then the show leaving it “Lost” without anyone knowing it existed.”    --Bob

SEXIEST MAN EVER“I was so sad to see Mr. Eko go and hope it is NOT the end of him...he should be on People Mag’s Sexiest Men EVER list by the way. ... I wish the episodes either lasted longer or told us more - I just CAN’T GET ENOUGH!”   --Michelle

IN THE SMOKE“I believe Eko will be the mysterious black smoke? I think he is still in the show.”    --Linda

RACIST SHOW?“I no longer want to watch this show! They have killed and sent a father and his son sailing away into the ocean. All these characters were black. This show do not want blacks on the island. I’m sure I can find many others who think the same.”    --Cynthia

BAD IDEA“I think it was a very bad decision on the writers part to kill Eko off, due to the fact Eko had so much more to give to the audience as an individual, he was a strong personality, and could have been used for more story lines.”    --Deborah

ISLAND DEMANDED SACRIFICE“Eko’s death was appropriate. The show is moving on to another segment and more things will be revealed. For all the good he did, he was still a bad man and the island demanded his sacrifice.”    --John

WATCH OUT, HURLEY"I liked the show..but..the hispanic character (Ana Lucia) gone... all the black characters gone? Hurley is next."    --Gene

SO SAD“I just couldn’t believe my eyes last night, they killed off Eko, I just loved him. He was GREAT on the show. I am so sad. I have NEVER missed any of the show since it started.”    --Denise

HOT, HOT, HOT"I absolutely HATE this episode. How dare they kill off Mr Eko, he was hot, hot, hot. Stop killing off the best looking and strongest characters and have at the less important roles. And here again we still have no answers to the island's perplexing questions."    --Dee

END OF DIVERSITY?"I was upset about Eko's death for the reason's listed in the article AND because it ended another multinational storyline. I love that this show had some small spark of diversity. Sun and Jin from an Asian perspective, even speaking in that language; Eko from Nigeria and showing the poverty and the corruption of that place. Eko was a strong character."    --Grace

MOST INTERESTING CHARACTER"This show just took off the most interesting character. Eko was a character that made even us watching, feel a little safe and that with him around, we had something good on our side and would be protected. Eko and Locke had an insight into the island, that was very different from what everyone else did. It's what made the two of them so interesting. Now its going to be boring."    --AMD

BRING HIM BACK"I think you should bring Eko back he is a sexy mysterious Black Man. I have liked the show from the beginning and I love it. Eko's character is flawed which makes him interesting. You need a good looking Black man on the show w/an edge. Please bring him back!"    --Anonymous

SAWYER FAN"I liked Eko, but am not too upset about him leaving. Hey as long as Sawyer stays, it's all good!"    --Jolene