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Readers torn over ‘Da Vinci Code’ movie

Some were entertained, others expected more from Hanks, Howard
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"The Da Vinci Code" has received more attention than any other movie so far in 2006. But what about the film itself? Reviews have been mixed, and our readers are also split on the film. Some fuond it entertaining, others are still wondering what all the fuss was about.

Here are some of your thoughts.

A RAVE“We loved it! Ron Howard did an amazing job on every last detail, as did Dan Brown. Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks, what's not to love?”    --Roxanne

VATICAN MADE FUSS BIGGER“Read the book, saw the movie. Book is better, as you would expect. I personally wonder how many people would NOT have given the movie credence if the Vatican hadn't cried so much. "Methinks they do protest too much".”    --W

THUMBS DOWN“It was horrible ....worst movie I’ve ever seen.”    --Tim

LIKED THE LOCATIONS“Well -- the book was better but the tourist shots of famous places and cities makes you miss Paris. I liked TH's hair,too. The gadgets and locations make it worth your time and money. Just don't go expecting great cinema art.”    --Elizabeth

WORK OF GARBAGE“I have no desire to see this movie. It is just a work of garbage. Jesus said there will be mockers and scoffers. This movie definitely falls into that category.”    --D

ALL DOWNHILL FOR RON HOWARD“The film was a disappointment given all the hype. It will not win any academy awards and the total end box office will drop dramatically in the coming weeks. Typical hype from the media did more to market the film than the allotted marketing budget from the producers/studios. Ron Howard can do better as can Tom Hanks. Given the subject matter - with the focus on destroying Christian beliefs - the premises were laughable. Guess what - God still lives despite Hollywood's attempts to revive the mantra ' God is Dead. It's all downhill for Howard now.”    --Bob

MIND-OPENER“I thought The Da Vinci Code was an excellent film. The film became even more thrilling when I knew some of the facts were real. Seeing the people around me are mostly Christian I knew that it would accomplish one thing; let their minds see some of the truth. Also that you can't trust any religion, seeing as they have information handed down by every generation. Each generation puts their own opinion on the subject matter. In all the film was great!”    --Zach

READ THE BIBLE“Yes, I know that in Christianity and Catholicism there are many bad seeds. But the good seeds far outnumber the bad and have through out the centuries. Try reading the miraculous, marvelous life of Jesus. See and know for yourself the mercy that pours out of Him toward all. He would be saying about those who concentrate on the historical Jesus and never touch on the holiness of Jesus, "Father forgive them. They know not what they do."    --Anonymous

EVERYBODY SING“Me thinks Lloyd Webber must be considering a musical version already. What would he call it -- Leonardo?”    --Bruce

DETECTIVE STORY“Excellent detective story. Wish the movie was longer so they could go into more detail about the proofs and the books that were rejected as part of the Bible. I enjoyed it.”    --John

BRILLIANT MYSTERY“I loved it. It followed the book rather closely. I liked the way the histories of the characters were weaved into the movie. The grainy effect was brilliant giving the feel of and old movietone news story. The actors didn't overshadow the mystery of the book. I will see this movie again and will buy the video when it is released. Thank you Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Audrey Tatou, and Dan Brown. You made my day. By the way I am a Catholic and I read the book for what it was, a brilliant mystery that kept me interested until the end. “    --LJL

LAME MYSTERY“Saw the film on the first day with ticket from a Symantec promotion. I'd read the book & thought it was OK as a potboiler thriller but simple, lame mystery. The movie was about the same but it was too long & used whiz-bang special effects to cover up the fact that it had too many climaxes. The villains were more sympathetic than in the book but the lead characters were still cold & not very believable. Hanks & Tautou deserve better roles. It's an entertaining if overlong film, not great or really very important. If it hadn't been for the times we live in, with 9/11, al-Qaeda, a right-wing Christian president & the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal, it wouldn't have been a big deal.”    --Tom