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Readers speak out on Tom Cruise

Well, I gave my thoughts about the new Tom Cruise and asked you for some of your own. We got some passionate responses, particularly when it comes to Cruise scolding Brooke Shields for her anti-depressant use. Here are some samples:Run, Katie!Katie Holmes — run for your life. Tom Cruise is beyond just “celebrity weird” now, he actually seems to be swinging toward the Michael Jackson side of

Well, I gave my thoughts about the new Tom Cruise and asked you for some of your own. We got some passionate responses, particularly when it comes to Cruise scolding Brooke Shields for her anti-depressant use. Here are some samples:

Run, Katie!

Katie Holmes — run for your life. Tom Cruise is beyond just “celebrity weird” now, he actually seems to be swinging toward the Michael Jackson side of the behavior spectrum rather than the “Top Gun,” “Cocktail,” “A Few Good Men” leading man we used to know and love. I watched that Oprah episode and it was so uncomfortable. The whole time I'm thinking, “Gosh, I hope Katie is seeing this and realizing he's completely gone.” And not the “gone” Oprah was describing (although by the end of the show I think even she thought he needed some professional help — or at the very least a better PR plan). What do you do if you're Katie though? I'm sure it first it was flattering, exciting, fun, etc. But what if she's starting to listen to that inner Joey Potter that's begging her to come to her senses? She's up there with Nicole Kidman now — as far as fame goes — and is probably anxious to separate herself from her “Dawson Creek” days. But if she continues to date Tom during his downward spiral won't she just be part of that crazy thing Tom Cruise pushed on his fans? OK, one of the crazy things. —Heather Kraabel, Crystal, Minn.

Let's just be happy for him

I think Tom Cruise's statements are a part of him and he is as genuine as they come. He is a person. Can we please remember this? If he is not the "same" person we are all use to perhaps we should take a look at why we liked/like Tom Cruise. Was it some type of outlet or fantasy? Are we only happy when someone isn't? He is for real. He is wonderful. Scientology is his religion and it helps him and other people. There is nothing negative about that. It helped him grow and become who he is. His new relationship is making him grow. We can tell by how happy he is. Lets give him a break already and be happy for him. If we can't be we must not be happy with ourselves. —Kelli Keegan,Penn.

One more Hollywood freak

Tom Cruise is only a celebrity because of the good will of his fans; you can hardly credit his stellar acting skills. His new candidness has shown him to be nothing more than another in a long list of Hollywood freaks that have no concept of reality. He criticizes Brooke Shields and talks about how her career has gone? Let's see how Tom Cruise's career fares now that we all know what a slimy creep he is. I for one, have scratched off "War of The Worlds" on my list of what I want to see this summer. Almost everyone I know has done the same. Wanting to see this movie is hardly worth it if it means feeding the demented ego of Tom Cruise. —Joe Martin,Valley Stream, N.Y.

Avoid pharmacies

What's between Tom and Katie should stay private — that relationship is not suspect but his actions and attitude about it are! His religion should stay at home. We want to be entertained not preached to! And who the hell is he to judge anyone about prescription drugs or anything else? It's easy to do so when one is a billionaire and people cater to you. I just hope he never has to go get a prescription filled, because the paparazzi will be there waiting. —Aurora,Fairview, NJ

Free country

I feel we do still live in a free country. I do not agree with the relationship or his religious beliefs, but he still has the right to express them. —Jessie,Beavercreek, Ohio

Ready for the couch

Somebody please get him some psychiatric help and soon. I love his acting ability but personally I think he's a little off kilter. —Antia, Vernon, Conn.

Longtime fan dismayed

I have been a Tom Cruise fan for the longest time; this new side of him makes me sad. I admired him for his dignity and seemingly sincere niceness; he seems to be acting like an idiot these days. What if this is the "real" Tom Cruise, and we were previously seeing a carefully manufactured personality ? Now that thought really makes me sad. I will still see "War of the Worlds" because I don't believe a person's personal life has anything to do with whether or not I will spend money to see their film, but I won't look at Tom Cruise the same way again. —Julie Thorpe,Long Beach, Calif.

Scientology helps

As far as Tom Cruise's relationship with Katie Holmes? That's none of our business. They're both adults, and not the first ones to be separated that widely in age. As far as talking about Scientology so much? Well, I'm a Scientologist, too (have been since 1977), and I've seen people only improve and sometimes even save their lives from applying this religious technology. I'm glad there are people out there like Tom who do the right thing regardless of what anyone says or thinks about it. —Steve Drasche,New York, N.Y.

Anti-depressants can help

I heard about Tom Cruise criticizing Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants, and I am horrified. First of all, who is he to judge, second, he is clueless about the benefits of anti-depressants as well as the debilitating, REAL effects of post-partum depression, third it took a lot of guts for Brooke Shields to share her story only to have him totally minimize her experience, and fourth nobody asked his opinion. I have post-partum depression and am taking anti-depressants because of it, and they are helping me. PPD is difficult enough without having some clueless person send the world back to the dark ages. I think Tom Cruise needs to make a public apology to all of the women suffering from post-partum depression on anti-depressants and any people on anti-depressants period. I also think that in a sign of sincerity he should educate himself about post-partum depression and the benefits of anti-depressants by talking with a licensed psychiatrist who specializes in post-partum depression. If he ever comes around to believing anti-depressants help many women with post-partum depression, then perhaps he could do some national public service announcements about treatment for post-partum depression. I used to like this guy, but no more. His comments were hurtful, uneducated and unnecessary. —Name withheld, Houston, Texas

Out of touch with reality

What else is there to say? He's just another typical celebrity-moron who's completely out of touch with reality. The world they live in is completely out of our realm and beyond our understanding. I became disenchanted with him a LONG time ago! —Pam McLaughlin,Olean, N.Y.

He should speak out

I think Tom Cruise's recent behavior is great and should not be criticized. I'm a very outspoken person myself, and everyone is basically entitled to there own opinions and beliefs, celebrity or not. Tom and Katie are a great couple if you ask me. Questioning whether they're relationship is valid or real is ridiculous. They're very happy, and everyone should just let them be. Doesn't everyone wish they were that wow crazy in love? —Name withheld

No different than talking about Kabbalah

As far as the Scientology part, I don't mind that he speaks about that. Its the same thing as always hearing Madonna talk about Cabala, but I do think that he went to far when he bashed Brooke Shields about her use of drugs when she was going through post-partum depression after her baby was born. That is none of his business and from what I have heard she was in a terrible dark place at that time. The relationship with Katie Holmes, I don't believe is fake. However, his overzealousness is a little creepy. If I were Katie, I might ask him to tone it down just a little bit. But then again, he is Tom Cruise. —Tracey Johnson,Blaine, Minn.

Cynical society

I think we as a society are too cynical. We automatically assume it's a publicity stunt because he is not being private, but don't reporters want these "celebrities" to open up about their private lives? And then when they do and it is not done the way we deem to be "normal" we crucify them. Personally, whether Tom Cruise's relationship with Katie Holmes is real or fake is of no relevance to me as it does not affect my life one way or the other.  —Tiffany,Austin, Texas

Poor Katie

I almost feel sorry for Katie Holmes. She has been starstruck and sucked into Tom's weird world where Tom is always right. I think their relationship probably is real, but he seems very controlling of people he's dating. His over the top displays of affection for Katie are weird. That bit on the Oprah Winfrey show actually made me feel embarrassed for Tom. In addition, Tom's obsessive belief in Scientology is making him into a more and more bizarre individual. What he said about Brooke Shields' postpartum depression was extremely condescending. Nicole never carried her own babies; what in the world does Tom really know about postpartum depression? What did that say to all the millions of moms who have suffered from post partum depression who have flocked to his movies on opening day, including me? I used to love Tom Cruise; now I think he's an arrogant Hollywood product that I don't much care for. He is clearly recruiting for Scientology; it's cultlike and creepy and makes me less interested in supporting his future film ventures. —Leslie,Garland, Texas

The real definition of "bigot"

Bigot (definition Googled) A hypocrite; esp., a superstitious hypocrite. A person who regards his own faith and views in matters of religion as unquestionably right, and any belief or opinion opposed to or differing from them as unreasonable or wicked. In an extended sense, a person who is intolerant of opinions which conflict with his own, as in politics or morals; one obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion.

Tom Cruise would be well-advised to stop tossing around the word "bigot," as his misguided intolerance of psychiatry and psychology make him appear the quintessential bigot. I watched his interview with Billy Bush and could not have been more disgusted by this person whom I used to brag I had shaken hands with on a Florida movieset, when he couldn't have been any kinder. To Bush, Tom reported he had gotten no negative feedback regarding his stance on these sciences or his religious rhetoric; instead, he claimed fans were thanking him! I was stunned by his detachment with reality.

Does Tom really believe that a schizophrenic, for instance, can be cured by the "powers" of Scientology? He is so alarmingly uneducated about what he calls "false" sciences. Quite simply, I would love to see Tom take a seat alongside two people, a reputable psychiatrist and a well-regarded psychologist; they would decimate him with credible rebuttals rooted in proven scientific research. Tell Tom it's time to put up or shut up, as he is abusing his media access with displays of shameful intolerance and hypocrisy. I am veteran public school teacher, aged 39, and I will never again use Tom Cruise as an example to my eighth graders of a successful person who uses his wealth to make a positive difference in the world for all people. —Barbara Raines, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

Scientologist speaks out

I'm really tired of seeing journalists bash Tom Cruise and Scientology for that matter. I'm proud to say that I'm a Scientologist, and it's easy to see why Tom talks about it a lot. It's not just another religion, it's a way of life. I know what the Jews must have felt like during the holocaust, because in present, a lot of people who are ignorant to our religion, scoff at it and makes jokes so as to make themselves look bigger and more important. If you are going to criticize something, then get your information from the source, not from rumor mongers and gossip. I think that Tom Cruise is doing a lot for the world as a whole, and if a journalist needs a news story, why not write about all the humanitarian things that Tom has done over the past few years...oh wait, chaos and negativity sells, doesn't it! —Name withheld