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Readers speak out on the ‘Idol’ finalists

Almost every singer remaining has some fans
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Not everyone agrees on who should be the next "American Idol" — not the callers, not the critics, not even the judges.

Thousands of singers auditioned, nearly 100 moved on, and that number has slowly been whittled down, week by week.

Now that the 12 "American Idol" finalists , our readers are not at all shy about having their say about who deserved to make it this far, and who did not.

We couldn't possibly share all your thoughts, but here's a sampling.

COMMENTS ON ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS:AMANDA“I agreed with all but Amanda Avila—I think she is as good, if not better, than some of the other finalists.”  —Sara

JANAY“Thank goodness Janay got the axe!!! I dont know how she made it thru the first elimination!!! She always looked scared and uncomfortable on stage.”    —Bernadette

NIKKO“I don’t agree with Nikko being voted off. He is one of the BEST singers in this singing competition. I don’t think its right to be able to vote a 1,000+ times for someone just because you think they are cute.”    —Dee

TRAVIS“Travis Tucker should have gotten voted off, singing that godawful Bobby Brown song. Personally I think that the producers should pick the songs for the contestants, they shouldn’t choose for themselves.”    —Brandi

MALE FINALISTS:ANTHONY“Anthony’s voice was actually pretty good but he was too much like Clay Aiken and Clay wasn’t exactly what you would call an American Idol either, nothing personal they just don’t look or sound the part no matter that they both can really sing. I will say though, that Federov gave his best performance with the Marc Anthony song. It was perfect, just as good as Anthony himself. But unless he’s going to be singing that song or something similar for the rest of his career, I would rather buy someone else’s CD.”  —Linda

ANWAR“Anwar is my new favorite. He is the one I will stick with all the way and he will do Idol proud.”   —Debi

BO“I have seen Bo and his old band play many times, and I think he is at his BEST right now, He really does have a strong voice for what he does”  —Shawn

CONSTANTINE“I think Constantine should have been eliminated a week ago.  He looks the part, but honestly can’t seem to stay on tune,”    —Lyn

“Get rid of Constantine and Bo Bice. This is American Idol, not American Stoners.” —V Johnson

MARIO“My daughter and I watch every week. We like Mario and believe he is the next Idol. We vote for only him at least 100 times every Monday. We will see.”    —Cathy

SCOTT“I did agree with who was sent off, apart from the fact they still have Scott Savol on the show, who is not in any way, shape or form my idea of an American Idol, he can neither sing or perform as well as the others.”    —Louise

“I am glad that Scott Savol made it. I love the fact that when he first auditioned for the 3 judges, Simon made a comment about him not looking like a star and he was not discouraged. He managed to win them with his wonderful voice and so that’s why I am rooting for him to win.”    —Dawn

FEMALE FINALISTS:CARRIE“Rock on, farmgirl! Carrie is awesome! I would like to see her win this competition. We need a great (which she is) country singer idol! And she fits the part totally! I just wish i could have the amazing voice that she has.”    —Sam

“Carrie Underwood is a good country singer, but YUK! I am not a country music fan.  She is going to be labeled a country music singer and spoil her chances with many of the non-country Idol fans.”    —Cindy

JESSICA“Jessica is in the top 12 for the simple reason that she bared most of her large breasts for America to see during her performance.”    —Sarah

LINDSEY“I was sad to see that many thought Lindsey Cardinale hasn’t been doing her best and are considering voting her off. They really should reconsider.”    —Lindsey

MIKALAH“Mikalah should have been the one to go, she is soooo annoying with her high-pitched voice and fake attitude.”    —J Craig

“I hope Mikalah Gordon takes the judges’ advice. She was loads of fun in the beginning and I would love to see her take the spotlight and win this competition! She has an amazing voice for someone of her young age! She’s a cross between Bette Midler and Barbara Streisand! You can’t go wrong there!”    —D Stone

NADIA“I love Anwar and Nadia, it’s between them to win.”  —Marie

VONZELL“The judges don’t really hear how talented Vonzell is. She’s the best.”    —Liz

“Vonzell should have left a long time ago. She is horrible!”  —Lexi