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Readers speak out on ‘Idol’ finale

Many feel winner was deserving, but Melinda Doolittle was robbed
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"American Idol" crowned its winner Wednesday night, rolling out the red carpet for former "Idol" finalists and plenty of musical and Hollywood guests.

Here are some of your thoughts on the final show.

FUTURE IS BRIGHT“Jordin has a bright future. She can sing just about anything. I wish Blake well, although his style of music is not a favorite of mine, but he has talent and can beatbox with the best of them. Melinda Doolittle will always be the American Idol to me. I wish her success as well and will be the first in line to buy any CD she makes.”    --Brenda

JORDIN FAN“Jordin absolutely deserved to win. She has an amazingly beautiful voice and was my (and my children’s) first choice. Our second favorite was Phil Stacy. We’ll definitely watch again. Yeah, Jordin!”    --Mary

“Jordin did awesome! Great voice, beautiful young lady. I love that this show has shown that America can love all people. We clearly don’t care if our idol is black, white or brown! I love it.”    --Becky

TERRIBLE SEASON“This year’s show was the worst! From the auditions to the finale. I was sorely disappointed the entire season. Probably will not watch next year.”    --Anonymous

CHANGE THE VOTING SYSTEM“Jordin did deserve to be in the final but Melinda should have been there with her and she would have been our new American Idol. The voters for sure got it wrong this year. I also believe the judges should have 50% of the vote by scores and America the other 50% of the vote with only the number of votes as contestants the way it is done on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ In my opinion that is the fairest way, and that will take away it being a popularity contest.”    --Anonymous

WEAK SEASON“Worst season ever! Blake can’t sing and should not have even made the top 12. The top 12 was very weak. a sad year even though Jordin is good. The 2 Chris’s were lousy, Haley was just cute, weak, weak year.”    --Anonymous

SANJAYA DRAMA“This is the first season that I have watched the American Idol. I am not sure if I can stand to watch it again after all the Sanjaya drama.”    --Anonymous

NO FAN OF TAYLOR“Gwen was the best guest. I’ll watch it again. I said I wouldn’t after that horrid Taylor Hicks won, but I had to hope for better talent this year.”    --Anonymous

MELINDA’S MYSTERY“Jordin was the overall best. She has a super voice, appeal and charisma. She has a great future. As for Blake, I am not sure about his style of music. I have a feeling it will be a small click group. Melinda, to me, was the best singer. I could listen to her sing anything. I just think she did not have enough stage presence to pull it off. Why she got sent home before Blake is a mystery.”    --Scott

SANJAYA AS MODEL“This was the worst season of American Idol ever! I did not watch an entire broadcast of American Idol this year. Jordin deserved to win against Blake. Sanjaya made a mockery of the show although he would make a great model he can’t sing a lick!”    --Aguish

BOO TO BETTE MIDLER“The big loser tonight was Bette Midler. Maybe she has spent too much time on “The View” but now I’d say she is stuck in that role because she sure can no longer sing. … Her delivery was amateurism and might not even have gotten her past the audition phase of “Idol”. Her voice even cracked a time or two. That was downright sad to watch and I cannot imagine why she accepted the ‘gig’. Maybe she has a cadre of deaf supporters who will fork over good money to hear her sign, but not I.”    --David

MELINDA WAS ROBBED“Ugh! NO! Melinda was sooo robbed. Jordin is annoying, she’s so annoying and that high-pitched voice of hers when she sings the first note, sucks! Good singer she is but not as good as Melinda and i think she knows it too!”    --Sara

WRONG FINAL TWO“Jordin was very good. But I would have like to seen Jordin and Melinda go head to head and from that contest the true winner should had been crowned. In my opinion Melinda and Jordin were the best singers out of the group!”    --Anonymous