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Readers show their love for Archuleta

Rumiele also a popular favorite among’s ‘American Idol’ fans.
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In praise of Archuleta
David Archuleta caught my eye from the beginning and he is a shoo-in for winner. He is, of course, very talented, with the voice of a seasoned professional. Seeing that he is only 17 amazes me. He is charismatic and energizes the audiences with his performances.- James, Arvada, Col.

I disagree with Andy Dehnart's article that said humility could work against David Archuleta. I think the young man is extremely talented and why should he purposely screw up just to get Simon to judge him? Isn't part of the competition to give it your best shot? Still, I think it's an interesting observation and I respect that but I don't agree.- Terry, Alameda, Calif.

David Archuleta should continue to be his sweet, charming self. He is an amazing singer and has quite a bit of charisma. He doesn't need to change a thing to win. He already stands out just being himself.- Cherri, Louisville, Ky.

David Archuleta should win! Ohhhh to be young again! Do any of you remember Paul Anka when he sang "Put Your Head On My Shoulder"? Than small young man with that huge smile and voice won the hearts of teenage girls (and some older women) in the ‘50s and is still going strong nearly 50 years later. That's the magic that David has and I, for one, sure hope today's teens and young women will vote him through to be the top winner. He obviously outshines every one of the others and without even, seemingly, trying to.- Ghenia, Pender Island, British Columbia

I personally think that David's personality, as well as his voice, is endearing. I can see where you're going with this -- saying that all these cute shenanigans will get old over time -- but at the same time I'm thinking he may be the one to change the way America thinks about actually good singers, and American Idol in general. Plus he's so cute and adorable; I just want to marry him! Vote for David!- Perpetua, Winter Haven, Fla.

Oddly, if you watch past performances of him on "Star Search," you'll see none of the humility. In those performances, as a child, he appears confident. I'm not sure his humility is totally genuine. That being said, he has serious talent. There is a video of him on YouTube playing piano and singing and it's really impressive.- Adinnieken

My favorite is definitely David Archuleta. He seems so genuinely sweet & humble, and boy! can he sing! I agree with Paula, you just want to squeeze him. He makes me smile, he reminds me very much of the actor Daniel Radcliffe. I agree that his initial popularity could hurt him in the long run, as people will just assume he will get enough vote, so they will vote for another contestant over him. He deserves to win, but will he? I can only hope so.- Julie, Vancouver, Wash.

David Archuleta is my favorite and will remain so, and I'll continue to vote for him. The thing that's so great about David is that he appears to come alive whenever he speaks about music. That's where he's confident. It's where he seems far older than 17. Other than that, he's a great (maybe sheltered a bit) kid. I really hope he continues to knock every song out of the park, causing the other contestants to step up THEIR games. That'd be an Idol to see.- KH, Topeka, Kan.

Other contestants
Amanda got me from her first performance. I loved Janice Joplin and if this woman can sing like her it makes no sense for her to try to be something else. Yes, Janice has already "been done", but she is no longer available, leaving a huge void. Amanda shone during her first performance, before she tried to sing any way but like Janice Joplin. I predict if she returns to what she is great at, and stops trying to please the judges by changing her voice, (never a good idea in the middle of a singing competition, she will have an easy tome of being among the final finishers. If she persists in trying her best to sound good in a way that doesn't move her or anyone else, she will be gone. Tonight is a test of Amanda's resolve. Will she be brave enough to return to the style that got her picked for AI finalist? Or, will we be subjected to another contrived performance, the result of a singer trying to be something she is not. I surely hope someone has told Amanda to return to her Joplin style of belting out her tunes. The judges made a terrible mistake in her case when they told her to sing in a different voice! She is contrived because they insisted she be something she is not. Amanda, let it go! Do what you know you are good at. Go with what got you here. The judges would not have had you sing a second song if your first one wasn't so excellent. They were mistaken. Make up for it tonight and let that talent shine!- Jessica, Naples, Fla.

Rumiele. Before last week I thought she's got the big voice but does the slow stuff, but now can she pick up the pace? And that's exactly what she did. She has talent and range and seems to understand her weak points. She's not resting on the praise but challenging herself.- Paul, Lansdale, Penn.

David Cook. He has a great voice and I think he is really geniune. Smart and not full of himself!- Stephanie, Republic, Mo.

Ramiele Malubay. She has that great big, endearing voice. She is sultry and definitely appealing.- Ali, Seoul, South Korea

Ramiele - She is awesome, soft beautiful voice and can go from low to high with never missing a note. Gorgeous voice. Best in the competition without all the high priced singing coaches David and others have had over the years. She could be the next Celine if people would give others a chance instead of homing in on one idol before the girls had even sung their second song. What's up with that anyway?- Wendy, Columbus, Ga.

I like Carly real well. She's got an awesome voice and I think she'll improve as the weeks progress. I like David too but I agree that he could wind up failing by being so good so soon. I'd love to see a guy win this year though!- BJ, Tulsa, Okla.