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Readers score this season of ‘Dancing’

And the winner of this season’s “Dancing With the Stars” is ... the viewers! “It was the best year yet of the show,” wrote Dale Ann of Spokane, Wash. “I am happy with the winners. ... It was a beautiful season.”Many readers agreed with Dale Ann, and were happy that Indy race-car driver Helio Castroneves won the competition. Nevertheless, there are a few changes fans would like to see
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And the winner of this season’s “Dancing With the Stars” is ... the viewers! “It was the best year yet of the show,” wrote Dale Ann of Spokane, Wash. “I am happy with the winners. ... It was a beautiful season.”

Many readers agreed with Dale Ann, and were happy that Indy race-car driver Helio Castroneves won the competition. Nevertheless, there are a few changes fans would like to see. “The voting system has to change to allow for less popularity and more skill,” said Deborah of Corona, Calif., noting a popular opinion since Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was voted of.

“I wish Drew Lachey could take [co-host] Samantha’s place for good. She is too silly and too much cleavage — please!” Kim from Greenville, S.C., begged.

Read on for more of readers’ thoughts on this season’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

For such a great season, the final (freestyles) left me flat as the dancers tried to play solely to the fans at the expense of content. I was torn between Helio and Mel B to win it, but leaned towards Mel and Maks because of her consistent excellence and their chemistry together. What this season proves beyond a doubt: no fan base, no finals.—Bob

I look forward to every season of "Dancing," as does my family of grown sons. It is such great entertainment and sometimes if it weren't for "Dancing", there are times I'd like to physically throw out the TV. It is well done, in great taste, and every week is unpredictable. Love the quick wit of Tom Bergeron. Look forward to the next season. —Luann, Williamsburg, Va.

I am happy about the final outcome but was very disappointed in the Osmond family's little advertisements for votes — this is a show to see who the best dancer is and I think there needs to be rules against what Marie Osmond and her family did to get votes. We all know that Marie had no business going as far as she did. The judges need more of a percentage in the votes!!—Helen Flowers, Deland, Fla.

At least the two best dancers made it to the final. I agree that Helio should be the winner, which brings me to what I would change next time — less celebrities that come from an "entertainment" background. Mel B and Sabrina Bryan were very good, but they both have been dancing in their acts and used that to their advantage. I enjoy seeing celebrities that have no dance background improve week after week. It is much more compelling to see them work hard and truly get better, than to see obviously talented dancers learn a few new moves.—Mary Anne, Phillipsburg, N.J.


Did Marie cheat on ‘Dancing’?

Nov. 28: There’s a scandal on “Dancing With the Stars”: Was Marie Osmond cheating on the voting? Her competitors speak out.


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trueH6falsetrue1The outcome was fabulous; Helio was born to dance!! They need to readjust the last few minutes of the show. They put in all this silly filler, then only give the losers two quick seconds to give their thoughts. There needs to be more time for the at-home audience to enjoy their feelings and see them dance one last time.—Anonymous

Each season just gets better and better. I adore the judges and the group of people they choose are always fantastic. I would like to see a news person or even a talk show host. Let's see what they can do.—Rachel, Berclair, Texas

This season by far had a raised level of competition. There were so many great dancers. There were also some folks that should never have been selected to be on the show. I realize that ratings are important, but this is a dance competition. You should not become a "Sanjaya" repeat. Please make this about dancing and not popularity. ... Shame on you for the Donny and Marie show. He should have never commentated on her behalf or the show’s. It looked bias and was wrong. I am sure you will lose some viewers if your tactics continue to move down this path. Judges, if you really want to give Marie a 24 along with Mel or Jennie, you are not worthy of judging anymore. Do you job. Or find a new one.—Katie, Tacoma, Wash.

Mel was by far the best dancer ever to participate in "Dancing With the Stars." The fact that she did not win was a real disappointment and an injustice. Granted, the most popular dancer won, and that is the premise of this show, but it seems strange that the last three winners have been male athletes. America is a tad blind. The last vote needs to be changed — leave it up to America to vote until the final three, then leave the decision of who wins in the hands of the judges.—Anonymous

This is the first year that I didn't phone in a vote. I do not feel it's fair to have ANY "Star" compete who has a career in dancing as did two this year. ... I was all for Marie winning just to get this system changed, but after the farce Monday night, I was glad to see her eliminated. Something has to change with this voting system and I think it has finally been proven. ... I love this show and so look forward to each new season of dancing, but this year I was really ready for it to END. It was draining.—Nancy, Wheat Ridge, Colo.

Helio should have won out of the remaining dancers, so I am glad about that! However Sabrina the Cheetah Girl was the ultimate best of them all! ... How Jennie and Marie stayed on while Sabrina got kicked off leaves me to wonder about the American people and the legitimacy of the scoring/judging. Sabrina is as good as any of those professionals and deserved the title!—Cathy, Wallkill, N.Y.

This will be my last time watching "DWTS." Everyone knows Mel B was cheated last night. It was clear to see that she was a much better dancer than Helio. Marie should have been voted out the fifth dance. ... This is truly an diappointment for myself along with thousands.—Ledell, Jackson, Miss.

This is only my second full season of watching "DWTS." I have enjoyed watching the performances, but the scoring system sucks! If the popular vote can have so much sway on the outcome, why bother having "judges" who score? ... I may be jaded but I think the outcome is fixed by the show sponsors.—Anonymous

I thought the ending was perfect, fun filled, entertaining and the best non-violent entertainment on TV! It is so much fun to discuss the results each week with friends and co-workers. I find myself clapping, laughing, cheering, jeering at the judges and having the best time pretending, at times, that maybe I could do some of the dances. Each season gets better and better and I thought the judges were tamed down quite a bit and not so critical of the "stars" since they are not professional.—Helen, Hibbing, Minn.