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Readers’ reviews of ‘Revenge of the Sith’

Diehard fans hit the theater on opening day and gave their opinions

Well, the wait is over and “Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” is finally in theaters. Our critic John Hartl gave you his take on the film, but we all know that these films are "critic proof" and so we wanted to know what some real fans thought of the film. Here's some feedback from those of you who hit the theaters opening night. Note: there are some slight spoilers below.

Good effects, stilted dialogue
I really enjoyed the battle scenes and thought the special effects and visuals were awesome, but what I didn’t like was the dialogue that made it seem like, in some parts, that the actors were doing their first movie and didn’t know what is going on. Overall, I did enjoy the third installment and thought it did overtake the previous two films but will never step up to the level of the original three. —Myles Mohling, Watertown, S.D.

Hardcore fan pleasantly surprisedBeing a hardcore fan that was extremely disappointed in Episode I and II; I was pleasantly surprised by Episode III. I thought the acting was improved, and the writing as well — even if it was only ever so slightly better. I thought that the character development of Palapatine was excellent. I cried at two points in the movie, something that the original trilogy had not moved me to do. I must say however, Vader screaming “Nooooo!” and waving his arms comically at the end — I could've done without. The lamest, most unoriginal, stock movie ending ever coming from a sci-fi genius was deeply disappointing, indeed. —Sara,Milwaukee, Wisc. L:

Like the Lions winning the Super BowlAs a Detroit Lions fan, I am use to being addicted to lovable losers. After seeing Episode III, I feel as if the Detroit Lions won the Super Bowl! I was extremely satisfied and walked away with a sense of completeness in my life-long love affair with the “Star Wars” saga (even through the bad years). It was so good, that I have forgiven and forgotten the Jar-Jar-esque faux-pas along the journey. My favorite goosebump inducing scene was Anakin finally becoming transformed into Darth Vadar. When they lower the mask/helmet onto him, and he draws his first electronic breath —and exhales his notoriously evil “yes master,” immediately, the gap was filled. The mother of all stories finalized; and I was full, my cup runneth over. I had no idea how Lucas was going to be able to throw a last second hail Mary, trying to match his masterpiece in 1977; but he certainly has managed to come full circle. This finale forever seals the “Star Wars” legacy. Thank you, George! —Keith D. Allen,Flint, Mich.

Ignore the criticsForget what the critics say, “Sith” is truly one of the most innovative, creative, eye-wowing, jaw-dropping, edge-of-your-seat-thrillers that we will ever see! Critics get paid to hate movies. If they do love a movie, chances are they love it to improve their own image in the public eye. They lack imagination. This movie inspires it! Don't be fooled, you will not be disappointed! —Chris Dupras,Las Vegas, Nev.

Worst of the yearThis movie was by far the worst film I have seen easily for this year ... and possibly for my entire life. The first half hour was annoying and flooded with stiff acting — wait, acting is too generous a description for what they were doing — that I wanted to walk out the theater and bash my head against the wall to try to wake up from that Twilight Zone foolishness I was watching. How could George Lucas butcher something that a cartoon director took so far in the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network? That's just embarrassing how Lucas was totally, and undeniable upstaged in his own little story. The characters in the Clone Wars cartoon were powerful, imposing and, to be honest, they were the only reason I ended up watching that crappy “Revenge of the Sith” movie in the first place. To put in plainly, I really wish I had my money back. No you know what, better yet, I wish I could just have that two and a half hours of my memory erased to save me from that horror of  “filmmaking.” —Paul Turnquest, Nassau, Bahamas

Good but not ‘Star Wars’Dark, cynical, a bit mystifying and generally entertaining, "Revenge" is the best of the series since the first (fourth) installment now known as "A New Hope." In many ways, despite some really clunky even embarrassing dialogue, it is really better. The action sequences are far more elaborate which is only to be expected but the drama is much deeper.

What I miss is the fun of the original "Star Wars." "Sith" tells a great story but has lost that hopeful feeling. In "Star Wars" you had Han, Luke and Leah all fighting in what was a serious conflict but they really seemed to be enjoying themselves as if the actors really were not taking the whole thing too seriously ... and neither was the director. Now Lucas has gotten a bit too serious. Had he stepped aside to another director we might have had that perfect blend again. Instead we have this film which shows that downward spiral we all know would happen but that happens in such a gloomy way. Though the subject matter is gloomy the story would have been helped by the introduction of a Han type character that sort of ran along with Obi-Wan say. That sense of devil-may-care swashbuckling is what made us love these films in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I liked this film very, very much and unlike the two previous films this one could stand on it's own as a story. That has not happened since the first/fourth. It is definitely worth seeing. Three and a half out of four stars. Enjoy the ride.  —Andre King,Chicago, Ill.

Bring a KleenexIt was sad and very dark. I cried through most of the movie. But Lucas had to make it dark. If you cry easy then bring something to wipe it up. It explains a lot in it though. —Hanna, Amarillo, Texas

Worth the wait
OK, so I was one of those people lined up Wednesday at 2 p.m. to make sure I got decent seats. Ever since I was five and my dad sat me down and watched all three movies with me, I have been a “Star Wars” geek. This movie brought it all together for me, it was the answer to so many questions I had. And it was great to able to see Yoda kick more ass! It was also a great change to see the Dark Side of the force more explicitly shown. It was intense — and, in my belief, totally worth the wait! —Valerie Chung, Hayward, Calif.

Christensen deliversI was among the many people who watched the midnight showing of "Episode III", and I can say it was everything I hoped it would be. It was very efficient at tying up all the questions of how Episodes II and IV connected. The action was crisp and almost non-stop. Hayden Christensen (of whom I was not a huge fan) delivered huge in this movie, showing us the emotional decay that led to him becoming Darth Vader. And when the helmet goes into place and he breathes through the mask for the first time, you could almost feel the electricity in the theater. I highly recommend this movie, and truly question these reviews that say the movie doesn't stack up. —Jason Williams,Boaz, Ala.

A cinematic experience
The film was brilliant. It was the perfect balance of action, legend, love and a brilliantly tied together ending. Overall the best prequal I have yet seen. The mix of special effects and sets from the original film was second to none. This was a true cinematic experience. To say that "Sith" is pretty much what you'd expect from this increasingly tired series' is ludicrous, you just have to look at its history at the box office and you can clearly see this is a far from tired series. It is one that will live in my memory for the rest of my life. Hayden Christensen's performance was absolutely brilliant, the darkness of character he builds throughout the role was perfect. I am no "Star Wars" geek by any stretch of the imagination, but shame on John Hartl for denying this film the true recognition deserves. —Matt Hymers, Sydney, Australia

More development for AnakinI thought the movie was great. However, I do agree that Anakin's transformation should have been more developed. The sequences illustrating Anakin's transformation were a bit choppy. I almost feel that Lucas should have made this final installment a four or five hour epic and really give time to the transformation of Anakin to Darth Vader. —Damon Juretich,Flint, Mich.

Typical George LucasIt is everything I expected. Totally lame script, great effects. George Lucas has great vision, but no idea how to convey it. I expected more from him this time. Maybe there will be remakes in 50 years by someone else. We can only hope. —Noel Cleveland, Lubbock, Texas