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Readers reveal their favorite ‘X-Men’

We asked who your favorite “X-Men” characters are, and here’s how you responded.My absolute favorite “X-Men” character is Jubilee. Her powers are cool and all (shooting bursts of pyrotechnic energy has its uses), but what I really love are her history and personality. Before she met the X-Men, a chain of events made her go from being a rich, Beverly Hills brat to a poor street urchin. Ye
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We asked who your favorite “X-Men” characters are, and here’s how you responded.

My absolute favorite “X-Men” character is Jubilee. Her powers are cool and all (shooting bursts of pyrotechnic energy has its uses), but what I really love are her history and personality. Before she met the X-Men, a chain of events made her go from being a rich, Beverly Hills brat to a poor street urchin. Yet, she adapted. She got quicker, more streetwise and more rebellious towards authority in order to do it. When Jubilee thinks on her feet and improvises, she's at her absolute best. However, her best part overall is her attitude. No matter how crappy her life gets, she knows she has to seize the moment and live life to the fullest, because she might not get another chance. —Adam

Beast and Colossus. In comic books where there are death defying battles and intense drama you can always find room for characters that remind us that there's always a little bit of ourselves in our favorite superhero. Beast is an endearing and friendly scientist even though he is covered with blue fur and has claws. He's the type of mutant you'd be afraid to see in a dark alley, but then would help you with your Algebra because it's what's best for you. Colossus turns his skin into a near indestructible metal, but is known for his strong relationship with his family and his loyalty to his loved ones. Sometimes a hero's super powers are things that all of us can do. —Jeff

Shadowcat is my favorite! To be able to walk through anything and is highly intelligent. Awesome! —Shawn

I love Storm. There are not a lot of women of color in the comics. She is not just a woman of color but one of the strongest female superheroes in my opinion. Her powers to control weather are powers that can be used for destruction and or help. She was worshipped as a goddess in Africa, for good reason. —Mikyraa

I have two favorite characters, Rogue, because she is great and she has the power to fly and take power from others for a certain period of time. Then there is Jean Grey/Phoenix her storyline was awesome. Her psychic powers grow to be thee ultimate weapon. —Yanira

Nightcrawler. What an amazing cat-like X-Man! You'd want this guy on your team, trust me. My girlfriend, Deb, sometimes even calls me this because of my combination of speed and balance (as if Bear wasn't good enough for her!). Jeesh. —Bear

Iceman - He was on the original team and was the youngest of the group so he always had to grow up faster then the rest. You have also seen the evolution of his powers over the years from a snowman look to a more controlled ice look. —Tom

Mr. Sinister is by far the best. He's actually Cyclops' father so that adds a whole new edition. Even more stunning is his ability to morph into any bird, whether it be a parrot/eagle/canary. And last but not least is the undisclosed comic book secret that he is actually Magneto's fraternal twin. I think it would be great if they brought this evil mutant to life on the big screen. His bird-morphing abilities would definitely amaze and dazzle the audience! —B. Wayne

Professor X! I love how Patrick Stewart portrays him! His power is amazing and the most dangerous... and at the same time his caring for the mutants and humanity make him the most versatile! —Scotty


X-Men: The Last Stand

falseTo pick Wolverine as my favorite would be a no brainer but the one that stand out to me the most is Iceman. In the comics he was one of the original X-men, yet he was seen as being the care-free youngster played as comic relief. But later on he was given some edge and his power was displayed as being more powerful then was given credit for. In the movie his personality could be develop more but as he is not one of the main player he kind of got lost in the shuffle. I don't know but call me old-school comic fan but he should have gotten more props but that is just me. —Xander

Generally it's Storm, but I can't stand the way Halle Berry plays her like a wimp. Good grief! Storm was worshipped as a goddess in Africa. Get a backbone. Play her with regality. —Sharon

Shouldn't the question be: Who is your favorite "X-Men" character aside from Wolverine? As much as I like all the other X-Men and villains, at the end of the day, the combination of Wolverine's abilities and personality make the others seem, relatively speaking, cartoonish. Even in the films, where other characters do have their moments, the filmmakers know to stick with the heart and soul of the comic books. —Markus

Gambit! He's a card-carrying psychopathic madman... with a New Orleans charm that'll make Rosie O'Donnell giggle with excitement —Martin

Phoenixwas and is my favorite character in X-Men. I like to own her power to create and to destroy anything. So that she can protect the world from war. And to destroy any human that harms harmless animals like cats all. Also to make peace in this country! —Putera

Wolverine because he is a very three-dimensional character. He can slice and dice through steel, take out the bad guys any way he has to and then be very gentle and protective. He's a good man who would like to be a better one.  —Jane

Gambit is my favorite X-character. In a battle, with his kinetically charging of objects, he can take someone out from a distance if he so pleases, but he is also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, and can kick some butt up close and personal if necessary. —Charles

My favorite X-Men character is actually not listed. Gambit is my favorite, and I am disappointed that he does not make it into any of the movies. I really like his I don't give a damn attitude and his ability to charge objects with kinetic energy is something that I like. I especially like the way he uses playing cards. —Gordon

The character with the most depth and potential to be great on screen has gotten screwed over by the writers and directors of the X-Men movies: Cyclops. Although in the comics he is a strong leader with amazing powers and is Xavier’s right hand man in the movies he is portrayed as a whiny pretty boy and we are given no real reason why Jean Grey would be in love with him. —Sean

I would have to say Rogue. Not her personality in the movie, but her powers. I mean it sucks that she can't touch anyone else and not have relations, but think about it, in the battle she can have any power in the world by a simple touch and not care about the person she's hurting to get their powers. —Stephany

As hot as the three main X-Men (women) are, (Jean, Storm & Mystique) not to mention the supporting female caste, Logan just takes the cake! He's totally cool. He's good, yet 'bad.' He's got thee coolest healing powers, that built-in indestructible armor. Those bad-ass claws, he looks cool, he has those beyond-Elvis sideburns, he's profane (I always get the feeling he's constantly (barely) containing curse words flying out cause he's around children (a typical dad-figure) he smokes and drinks, a common male (seemingly primarily) flaw that many can relate to and he has that healing, so you know that off screen/page he has to get a chuckle that he can intake every bad health stereotype and he'll insta-heal and live on to be a hero. —ABS

Although I've voted for Beast, my favorite X-Men character has yet to make an appearance in the films — Gambit, the Cajun thief and love of Rogue's life. He's a cad and an incorrigible flirt, but his love for Rogue keeps him on side with Xavier and the X-Men. He also worked with the Morlocks in the comics so I had hope that he'd make an appearance in this film but it would appear not. Shame, because he's a very multi-layered character and it would be wonderful to see him brought to life on the big screen. —Melanie

I always loved Hank McCoy, The Beast. He was such a unique character. He is a physical character and in the early years the muscle on the team, yet also very intelligent. A great combination of brawn and brains that you don't often see in comics. —Bill

I love Wolfsbane and Sunspot. I like canines, especially wolves, and the fact that Rahne can turn into a wolf or hybrid wolf-human at will is so cool. And Sunspot is a super-strong dude who can fly and turns into a walking sun-spot, and shoots solar powerbursts from his hands. —Cesar

Storm, because she control the weather. —Son Ho

Magneto, he has a very great power that control virtually anything from electronics to mother natures magnetic fields. —T.J. Smith

Mystique simply because of her sex appeal and the fact that she enjoys being blue. Rebecca Romijn does her justice in the movies, capturing the attitude that defines the comic character. —Jon