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Readers respond to Rob-Amber article

Readers either love or hate Rob and Amber Mariano — there seems to be no in-between.
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Rob and Amber: Your responsesLast week, we tackled the topic of why , omnipresent reality-show competitors who are either loved or hated by viewers, were cast for "Amazing Race: All-Stars." Your e-mails poured in, both defending and opposing the two. Since they were eliminated from the show on Sunday, we thought we'd take this final opportunity to share some of your thoughts.

THEY LOST ON PURPOSE?"I believe that Rob and Amber threw (“The Amazing Race”) to come in last! On Regis and Kelly on 12 March 2007, they bragged about a really big new opportunity coming up for both of them, bu they could not talk about it. They threw like they did when they left their poker show to go to the All-star (“Amazing”) Race. He intentionally failed at the mail task. Did you see how he threw half of the mailbag on the floor to begin with? He is a phony, I hate him. Sshe should drop him like a hot potato. Amber also deserves a hit for lying to the other team about the location of the clue, it is all about karma.”    --Ray

A FAN"Love Love Love Rob and Amber. I don't think it's 'unfair' for them to have been picked for All-Stars... That's what 'All-Stars' mean....The greatest of past seasons. They are great competitors and deserve everything they get."    --Erin

ROB AND AMBER WERE RIPPED OFF"You missed the biggest reason for why Rob and Amber are on the All Stars....Because of us fans who stopped watching the race when Rob and Amber were ripped off from winning. I mean face it -- in a period after 9-11 a planed pulled away from the gate..and then pulled back to pick someone up ... sorry -- Many people dropped the race from their TiVO..and now we are back for chance two. If the game is played fairly I will continue to watch because of this one move. Thank you CBS! Thank you."    --Jeff

IN LOVE WITH HIMSELF“If they hadn't been kicked off (Sunday) night coming in last, I'd know it is fixed. Who in the world is so in love with him they think he needs to be on everything? He will never make it big. He’s too in love with himself!”    --Carol-Lee

REAL AND ENTERTAINING"I personally watch this season of all stars for Rob and Amber they are real they are entertaining and that my friends is why we watch TV."

WHAT ABOUT UCHENNA AND JOYCE?"At least Rob and Amber haven't won "The Amazing Race." Uchenna and Joyce HAVE -- where's the outrage over THEIR return?"    --Steve

SOMEONE IN CASTING LIKES THEM"Inviting Rob and Amber back displays the show favoritism towards them. Someone in casting really wants them to win more money. I would have much rather seen someone who hadn't already won $1 million in their place. Rob and Amber's fan base can't be that high. I know I personally don't like watching the show with Rob and Amber again. And if they invite them back again I will NOT watch it that season. That includes if they do another season of 4 family member teams, that season REALLY SUCKED!"    --Nikki

Q: When a person is voted off a show like "American Idol" or "Project Runway" it is usually in an evening. Do the losers really get kicked to the curb or what sort of facility is made for them to spend the night in after losing?    —Cassie, Pennsylvania

A: It depends upon the show. Each series has a different way of making booted cast members disappear.

Most shows (and “Idol” is an exception here) don’t let their participants go home until after the entire production has concluded. First, of course, come exit interviews and perhaps meetings with psychologists—and if cast members have been deprived of food on the show, a big meal.

Cast members on exotic shows such as “The Amazing Race” and non-jury-member “Survivor”s are sequestered at hotels and then sent on paid vacations to semi-remote destinations, where they wait until production has concluded. On “The Apprentice,” booted cast members all live together in a hotel away from the production. “American Idol” takes its eliminated contestants out to dinner with the other finalists, and sends them home the following day, after they’ve done interviews and press.

The on what happens post-boot on a reality show a few years ago, and it still holds true.

Reports from cast members on “Project Runway” indicate that they aren’t sequestered, but are sent home soon after their elimination—although, as you noted, if that happens late at night, as elimination ceremonies often do, they won’t be just dropped at the curb and left to find their way home.

By the way, if you’re particularly interested in what happens after being eliminated from “The Amazing Race,” CBS will air an online-only show that provides “a free look at what happens when Teams are eliminated from the Race and sent to a secluded sequester house where they must try to cope with the disappointment of being eliminated while living alongside their fellow eliminated All-Stars.”    —A.D.

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