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Readers remember Marlon Brando

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Legendary actor Marlon Brando, who died at age 80, was acclaimed as the greatest actor of his generation. His roles in “On the Waterfront,” “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Godfather” have captured the minds of film lovers for years. Here are some thoughts from some of our readers. Share more of your thoughts below:

“Marlon Brando was a force of nature, not only as an actor, but as a man too. He has been, and always will be, my hero.”— Jason Bailey, Glendale, Calif.

“He supported the civil rights movement - one of the few actors who did.  I will miss him terribly.  He stood for what he believed in no matter the consequences.  Very, very, very few like him still around.”  — Cheryl Matlock, Chicago, Ill.

“The movie business isn't what it used to be, in regards to the quality of both the films and the stars themselves. Rarely are today's films art. All you have to do is watch an old Brando picture to see what I mean. Sure, he made his share of bad films, but, for the most part, he was dazzling and mesmerizing. Thank goodness we can still watch these old films.”—  Doug Richardson, Johnstown, Penn.

“I always wanted to be one of the people he played and yet I never wanted to be him.”— George Love, Richmond, Va.

“As a teenage girl in the ’50s, I fell in love with screen tough Brando playing Johnny in ‘The Wild One.’ I never got over that teenage crush, and honestly, it affected my taste in men my whole life — always looking for that secretly sensitive macho guy. I believe Brando was the greatest acting influence the U.S. has produced and maybe represented the All-American guy of the 1950s to Europeans.”—  Florence Willis, Los Angeles, Calif.

“My first introduction to Brando was a rented ‘Godfather’ video. I was 10, and I became so enthralled with Brando's performance that I immediately asked my parents to rent more Brando movies. To date my favorite Brando movie is ‘On the Waterfront.’ Even after 50 years, his performance still stands as one of the best of all time. Thank you Marlon and God bless.”— Alfredo Castro, Houston, Texas

“I have always loved Marlon Brando movies. I also watched them with my children. My oldest daughter favorite Marlon Brando movie is ‘Guys and Dolls.’ She loved the character so much that she even named her daughter after him, ‘Skye.’ And now my grandchildren are watching and appreciating the man and his movies. God Bless you Marlon Brando, we will miss you.”— Kathy Hauser, Okeechobee

“He came into this world with nothing and by recent press reports he left this world in debt and with nothing, but it was ‘An E-ticket Ride!’ that's for sure.”—Christopher Duran, Spring, Texas

“The first time I saw a ‘Streetcar,’ I was at at the old Orpheum Theatre in my city. The theatre had been closed for 20 years and was in major disrepair. The decadence of that beautiful theatre and the sultry, decayed setting of the film was the most complete movie experience I have ever had. For the first time I saw Brando as someone other than Vito Corleone or Jor-El. He was young and fierce and I was amazed by him.”— Jason M. Bequette, Wichita, Kan.

“Marlon Brando invented the phenomenon of ‘the character you hate to like.’ Stanley Kowalski was a louse and a brut, but you couldn't take your eyes off of him. Don Vito Corleone was a ruthless mob boss, but you couldn't help admiring his loyalty and business acumen. Without Marlon Brando's influence on acting, Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Hannibal Lecter wouldn't have been so deliciously creepy and we wouldn't be so infatuated with the likeable yet deadly Tony Soprano.”— Michelle Moore, Atlanta, Ga.

“It's raining here today in Omaha, Nebraska, the birthplace of Marlon Brando. I had planned to attend a concert this evening but instead I'll drink some wine and stroll the streets of where he once lived. Another legend has passed on, leaving us with great memories of outstanding acting performances. There will never be another Brando.”— J. Mark II, Omaha, Neb.