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Readers ready to get ‘Lost’ in finale

"Lost" viewers are hoping that at least some of their favorite plotlines will be addressed in the season finale.
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Viewers are hotly anticipating Wednesday's two-hour "Lost" finale — those that won't be frantically switching between it and FOX's two-hour "American Idol" finale, that is.

Will Rousseau (or someone else) steal Claire's newborn son? Will the jungle search party return with dynamite in time to protect the castaways? Will the four who've set out on the raft survive the sea's treacherous waters? Will Locke and others finally break into the mysterious hatch? And will Carrie Underwood or Bo Bice win the title of "American Idol" — whoops, wrong show.

It's unlikely that "Lost" will wrap up many of its plotlines on the season's final show (this is not "Desperate Housewives," some mystery needs to be preserved for fall), but readers are hoping that at least some questions will be answered. Here are some of your thoughts.

1001 EXPLANATIONS“I think the French woman may be a part of “they” and that she will lead them into the trap. Maybe Ethan who came for the baby first is her son and since the castaways killed him, she wants Claire’s baby to raise. I do not think the raft will make it to another island, they will be lucky to make it very far from the island. Maybe Walt and Claire’s baby have some sort of special gifts, we already suspect Walt’s, and a group of people want them on that island to be monitored and guided in those gifts. There could be 1001 different explanations, and that is what keeps me coming back each week.”    --Kathy

MAMA NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES“Although the shot was short, it looked like Rousseau had on a brand new pair of shoes... Did I see it wrong? Was it an oversight? Is it a new clue?”    --Steve

ROUSSEAU SPECULATION“I don’t believe that the pillar of black smoke is a sign that the ‘other’ people are going to attack. After all, if an army was going to attack another army, they wouldn’t announce it. I think that the ‘others’ are coming out of their underground shelter to hunt for food. The smoke could be just a sign that they are cooking their kill. Why did they take Rousseau’s baby? It is possible that the others took the baby either to ensure the survival of their ideals by raising the child as their own, or they took the child because they knew that they were going to kill everyone in Rousseau’s party, and they decided to spare the child. I still believe that everything is going to be tied to the nuclear bomb tests of the 1950’s.”    --Pete

THE HURLEY DIET“The dumbest part of this show we love (besides the insulting re-runs in the middle of a new show) is that Hurley never loses any weight! The ‘duh’ factor comes into play here: If you’re lost on an island, and you suffer from morbid obesity, wouldn’t you lose weight for God’s sakes? Bad direction/writing there.”    --Steve

FAMILY TIES“Does everyone have a relationship problem with an immediate loved one? Locke was abandoned as a baby...maybe why he has the strongest connection with the island. Walt’s mother dies—he’s passed along to Michael and we learn he wasn’t happy about it. Walt has shown that he too has a connection with the island, the polar bear and his vision with Locke. Boone and Shannon’s relationship always rocky—yet he loved her..then in the end was okay with her and accepted the why she was. His torment gone and so is he. Lost is probably just that—people searching for answers or relationships with loved ones. They are all tied together in some way.”    --Deb

TOO MANY EXTRAS“Too many secondary castaways keep appearing, either alongside main characters, or peering in the background. They waited way too long to reveal that so many other unknown faces are on the island with the main players. They seem out of place, and they should have made their presence more apparent early on.”    --Dave

VIEWER GOT LOST“I am very lost about ‘Lost.’ I was so excited at the start of the show. To me, not much has been revealed and the show is becoming quite boring. I think I will get lost soon.”    --SusanSHOW IS NO ‘ALIAS’“The ancient ship threw me off. How old are the ‘others’? And are they into the baby-snatching biz to populate their group? Weird.  Will the actors be willing to grow hair, beards, and lose weight to look authentic a la ‘Survivor’? Eeek. Tell JJ [Abrams] not to overdo the others’ plotline for 4-5 seasons as he is doing to Alias.”    --Annie

GOING TO THE ZOO“I think the monster is an elephant. A zoo cargo plane crashed there and hence the elephant, polar bear, etc.”    --Vince

NO SOAP“I think this last episode gave a good example why I like Lost, but hate soap operas. There is continuous new and interesting information given on Lost and it is never slow, drawn out with filler, or predictable plot devices.”    --Carlton

NO ANSWERS“Are we in the Bermuda Triangle or what? If so there won’t be any answers as to what is. The raft will leave without any knowledge of its goings and the others will live on with the legacy of the island. As the story ends, the survivors on the raft and island will have no fate. All are ‘Lost.’”    --Anonymous