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Readers react to ‘Idol’ finalist’s ouster

Every singer has fans as well as detractors
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On Wednesday night, was the first of the 12 "American Idol" finalists to get the boot — that is, if you don't count Mario Vazquez, who left on his own accord.

It wasn't an enormous surprise that Cardinale didn't make it any further, but as all "Idol" competitors do, she had her loyal fans — just apparently not enough of them.

Here are some of your thoughts about the latest show and this elimination.

"Unfortunately, as much as I like Lindsey (much more than Mikalah, it was her time to go. She's not bad, just not as strong as the other singers in the competition."    —Katrina

"I thought that Mikalah should have gone home this week.  She was horrible!!  Lindsey's performance was much better."    —Bruny

"Lindsey's been underwhelming during her stay on American Idol. I'm not surprised she's gone. I would [have] jumped for joy is Mikalah left though."    —Christina

"Lindsey Cardinale was NOT the weakest of the finalists although the performance that proved to be her last was certainly far from her best... She should have made it another week on her stage appearance alone."    —James

"Anthony seems underappreciated for what I thought this show is all about...he sings great...but it seems like the show should be named "American Image"! I hope he wins it all...everyone loves an underdog!"    —Mark

"I think the choice of Lindsey to leave this week was totally wrong! At least she can sing in tune and wasn't pitchy like Anthony, who is ok, but can't hang with this group."    —Natalie

"Anwar has an amazing voice and I love his choice of music....he needs to step it up a bit though."    —Jackie

"I vote for Anwar because not only his voice but his whole self is finally some one kids could look up to, what a great role model... he is soooooooo much more than a great voice.And truly good role models just don't exist not in sports , not in politics  & not in entertainment."    —Candace

I still think that Bo should win.  He has the greatest [presence] and a great voice.  He is definitely the whole package.  I would feel very differently about American Idol if he didn't win.  He deserves it."    —Julie

“If I had to pick today, Bo Bice would win. Can't wait to buy his first CD.” —K Williams

Constantine looks like a hired actor, trying too hard to come across as "the rocker."    —Robin

"I am rooting for Carrie or Constantine but this is really a very tight horse race with a lot of talent in the field."    —Jackie

"Nikko's impersonation of MJ (all that was lacking was the glove) was horrendous! I completely agree with Simon on that one."    —Barbara-Jean

"Although I love Nikko and wish that he could win the competition, I think that Bo has it in the bag! Somebody please give Nikko a record deal. He's so talented!"      —TR

"The best, and the last 4 standing will be: Scott, Carrie, Bo, and Constantine. And, Scott will be the next Idol!"    —Natalie

"I am rooting for Scott Savol, he's a great singer and I happen to like fat people."    —Christib

“I am rooting for Carrie Underwood. I was one of the first DJs to give her a break, on-the-air, when she was in her early teens. I am the morning host of Big Country 107.3, KOMS, a 100,000 watt Cumulus Country Station out of Fort Smith, AR. Carrie, as a teen, came to Fort Smith often, from her hometown of Checotah, OK, to perform for rodeos, the AR/OK State Fair, open for major artists, etc., and I always was thrilled when she would come to the studio and get on the air with me and talk about her music. I told her then (5-6 years ago) that she would make it big one day.”    —JP

"I'm rooting for Carrie Underwood or Bo. I think they have the best vocals for the music they sing.  I love country and think Carrie sounds like Martina McBride."    —Lisa

JESSICA"Jessica is iffy at best, like a roller coaster of notes and pitches. Not impressive, not [unlikable] either."    —Susanne

"The last episode held one surprise for me and that was Jessica Sierra in the bottom 3. As for Lindsey and Mikalah that was expected. However, did the last three really represent the 3 lowest votes received or was Jessica thrown in there for drama? Since the votes are never revealed I guess we will never know for sure."    —Suzanne

"If any one needs to go, it's Mikalah with that Fran Drescher meets Sponge Bob squeaky voice. It's TERRIBLE. I agree with Simon, I think he is the only one who can hear."    —Maya

"I am rooting for Mikalah. She has the talent and the look to be the next American Idol."    —Erika

"I would like to see Nadia Turner win.  She has a fabulous voice and great presence on the stage."    —Anonymous

"Nadia Turner has been watching too many Tina Turner videos. She has no style of her own and really doesn’t come close to Tina at all. It insults fans to watch her try, it is almost like watching karaoke on TV when she performs."    —Susanne

Vonzell is not only beautiful but she can sing, I love her attitude, I like everything about her."    —Anonymous

“Vonzell may make it to five.  Her or the female country singer, but the rest of the girls must go.”      —Cheryl