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Readers react to explosive ‘Housewives’ events

So you find out your spouse has been cheating on you. What do you do? Seek therapy, weep on a friend's shoulder, burn the loser's clothes? On "Desperate Housewives," Carolyn Bigsby's response was "none of the above."
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So you find out your spouse has been cheating on you. What do you do? Seek therapy, weep on a friend's shoulder, burn the loser's clothes? On "Desperate Housewives," Carolyn Bigsby's response was "none of the above."

Instead, she took a gun and strode into husband Harvey's supermarket to take a batch of hostages and kill one of them. Sadly for her, it wasn't cheating Harvey, but happily for fans, it was annoying Nora, the mother of Tom's love child. That rousing cheer you heard go up nationwide last night was from "Housewives" viewers reacting to the fact that the pesky character has finally, if rather violently, been written off the canvas.

Carolyn didn't live long enough to go to trial for Nora's murder, though. She herself was quickly shot down by a mother of a child in Carolyn's Sunday-school class, someone viewers didn't know. But it's Lynette who will live with the guilt, since her blunt description of Nora as someone who tried to seduce her husband was part of what led Carolyn to shoot Nora in the first place. Fans wont miss Nora, but many of them are sad that Carolyn, played so perfectly by "Roseanne" alum Laurie Metcalf, has departed the show in a hail of blood and bullets.

Here are some of your thoughts on the show.

NORA WAS ONE-NOTE“The actress playing the role is beautiful but annoying, she played the character on a one note, another actress would excel at that role, many have made careers out of a part like that. I am very happy she is gone, but what about her daughter? Lynette with another child, that deadbeat husband and her career! Lynette is partially at fault, but Nora going to Mexico with that adorable daughter would have ruined her life. Carolyn was killed off too early. That actress is superb at everything she does. Carolyn went insane by the murder of her friend, etc. I wish that actress would have stayed on the show the rest of the year. She was amazing in ‘Roseanne’.”    --Tonya

WHAT WAS LYNETTE THINKING?“Although Nora was a wackadoo her character added some fun craziness. I don't think it was Lynette’s fault but come on this crazy lady is brandishing a gun for her husband cheating on her what was she thinking blabbing like that (ok, I know it's a TV show).”  --Karol

TOO EARLY FOR CAROLYN TO GO“Sorry to say this, but I am so glad that Nora is gone. She was a thorn in Lynette's side, and much of mine too. I think that they should've kept Carolyn on a bit longer, she seems like she could've brought a little something to Wisteria Lane. “    --Connie

GOOD RIDDANCE“Nora needed killing real bad...good riddance. I don't care one bit if Lynette contributed to the "tragedy." It needed to happen. Carolyn, on the other hand, would have been fun to have around a while longer. Laurie Metcalf is such a fine actress.”    --Barbara

INFORMATION LACKING“I think that it's great that Nora got killed off but Carolyn probably had more information that could help with Bree and Orson’s situation that will never be found.”    --Kayla

TOO BAD“I personally did not like the fact that Nora got killed so quickly because she was an innocent person with a lot of knowledge.”    --Rosemary

“Well at least this show was somewhat interesting. I was about to give up on the whole ridiculous mess and find something else to do with my Sunday nights. It would be nice if the story lines could be just a tat more realistic. I mean, good hell, amnesia?? How soap opera is that? I think I have a right to expect more creativity from a prime time show.”    --Ann

DNA“Is Kayla really Tom's daughter? Was there ever a DNA test? Come on people, think about it.”    --Anonymous

NORA TOO MOUTHY“If Nora had kept her mouth shut and been quiet Lynette would not have had to say what was going on. I think it was time to get rid of Nora. Her part was getting old fast. How can someone be that crazy all the time? I dreaded seeing the scenes that she was in.”    --Anonymous

NORA WAS INTERESTING“I don’t think that Nora should have died, she was annoying but she made the show interesting. I actually liked the interaction between her and Lynette. I don’t think it was partially Lynette’s fault, how was she supposed to know that that crazy lady was going to kill her? I think Carolyn was killed off too early I would have liked to see where the producers went with her story with Alma.”    --Melanie

TOO BLOODY“Nora being shot was a surprise; her death was a “give me”. (Her character was too annoying and not too intelligent.) Carolyn being shot in the head was too violent for the show. Both deaths were shockers. I can watch if I want to watch bloody deaths.”    --Anonymous

TEARY“This was, by far, the best episode of Desperate Housewives ever. I was so compelled, I literally had tears in my eyes. I am a bit upset with the death of Nora, with what I am sure would have made an interesting custody battle between her and Lynette in court. I’m not so sure I like Austin too much, especially not for Julie. And hey, what ever happened to Paul Young?”    --Boochie

CAROLYN JUST CRAZY“No, the death of Nora was not partially Lynette’s fault. If Lynette didn’t say something to shut Nora up, Lynette would have been the one shot dead. No, Carolyn was not killed off too early she was a crazy lady just causing problems.”    --Ashley