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Readers outraged that ‘Idol’ booted Chris

But some of Daughtry's fans admit they didn't bother to vote
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Many "American Idol" viewers were outraged that -- although more than a few admit that, as Chris fans, they chose not to vote, feeling their man was safe. Here are some of your comments.

SHOW OVER FOR ONE FAN“Surprised? Shocked, devastated, flabbergasted, and appalled is more like it. Chris, clearly, should have been the next idol. Hands down, he is the cream of this crop and now he's gone. Of course, he will have a career after this disappointment but the show has ended for him and for me as well.”    --Stephanie

NUMBER MIX-UP?“Chris should win!!! They had another voting mess up. When I called to vote for Chris, Katharine says Thanks for voting for me. I thought I dialed the wrong number, so I tried again to hear Katharine, again. People were trying to vote for Chris...not Katharine! That's why Chris went home......GRRRR...REDO please!”    --Stephanie

CHRIS=COOKIE-CUTTER ROCKER“Chris is a cookie cutter rocker with no originality. He has a fine voice, but little versatility, performing everything in a "Creed" style arrangement. His inability to adapt has cost him in the past month. I am not at all suprised that Katherine landed in the bottom two after Tuesday's performance. At this stage of the competition, there is no excuse for not knowing the words. Hell, practicing is the only thing these people have to do for an entire week! However, she is Idol material IF she wants to work for it. I believe that Taylor Hicks has charmed America with his friendly, easy going nature, boyish charm and interesting vocal tone. His performance of Levon rates right up there with last seasons performance of Bohemian Rapsody by Constantine as all-time greatest moments of Idol. At least this season they have superlative talent. Seasons two and three rewarded talentless people and the series nearly lost me because of it. The last two seasons, have been most entertaining, though.”    --Gerry

CHRIS WAS ROBBED“I'd say last night should've been Taylor or Kat. Taylor's "In the Ghetto" sounded like crap and where the hell did he learn to dance? Chris got robbed just like Constantine did last season... I'm now convinced it's rigged.”    --KO

CONFUSED“For reasons beyond my comprehension, the only talented singer of the Idol contestants was voted off last night. I really could care less who wins it now. I don't think any of them have the talent to turn this adventure into a profitable career.”    --Anonymous

ELLIOTT WILL WIN“I'm not surprised that Chris was sent home because he's going to make it on his own anyway so why not let one of the others have it. Katharine, I doubt will be the next idol as she messed up her lyrics one too many times and at this stage of the game, you can't be missing the words. Taylor's got it going on and even though he's a little different, I could see him winning. And finally, Elliot hasn't really stood out in this competition, but not because he can't sing, he just hasn't really been the focus. I think for that reason, Elliot should be the next American Idol.”    --Anonymous

SOMETHING WRONG“While I prefer the style of Katharine McPhee and the voice of Elliott Yamin, Chris has gained my respect as a talented singer with stage presence and a beautifully, unique voice. Despite my dislike for "rock," Chris became someone I appreciated for sheer talent and the one I thought would be the last idol standing! Never saw this coming! I question how close of a voting count lost him his place. Also, I wonder about these so-called groups that are formng to beef up the underdogs. Something about Wednesday night still seems very, very wrong. I'm routing for Katharine, but I'm seeing Elliott pull forward in the final race. He obviously listens well to criticism, is trainable, and beginning to shine!”   --Cherylyn

TAYLOR IS LACKING SOMETHING“Taylor will probably be the next American Idol but let’s be honest folks, how much of a fan base do you really think this gray-haired cutie will draw? Sure, he has a great voice and a smashing personality but he is lacking that little something that makes people like Kelly Clarkson so popular. If a great voice is all it took to be a star then we'd have a lot more famous people around. Unfortunately, the public wants more.”

ELLIOTT’S TEETH“Chris did not deserve to go home. I was so sure I didn't vote...let that be a lesson. Elliott can go home next,or McPhee, That leaves Taylor to win. Elliot needs a lot of dental work. He isn't the greatest looking or best singer.”    --Anonymous

ANOTHER NON-VOTER“I was very disappointed to see Chris go home but it was my fault I thought there were enough people to vote for him so I didn't. I'm sorry Chris. You deserved it all. Kat's mouth fail to the floor because she knew that it should have been her leaving and not Chris. Elliott has an awesome voice but he doesn't have the look but I feel its all about the voice and he has it. I vote Elliott.”    --Alice