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Readers offer Frankel condolences after miscarriage reveal

Jeff Christensen / Today
In this March 17, 2011 photo, reality TV personality Bethenny Frankel poses for a portrait in New York. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen, file)

For some TV viewers, what happens on reality TV is often considered TMI. But when former "Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel appeared on TODAY Monday to dish on the third season of "Bethenny Ever After," she revealed a very personal heartbreak, and readers couldn't stop clicking to make it our top story of the week.

"We were pregnant with a second baby, and at eight weeks, I miscarried," Frankel said. She also revealed her worry that at age 41, having a second child may not be a possibility.

Not surprisingly, the condolences from fans of her shows and TODAY viewers were plentiful.

"So sorry! Have faith that you and Jason will get through this nightmare. Hang in there," wrote reader June Jenkins on our Facebook page.

"You're a very brave, wonderful wife, mother, woman and entrepreneur. You are not too old for another baby, take care of yourself," wrote Cynthia DiSanto.

But it was more than a personal tragedy that caught readers' attention this week. In the No. 2 spot? Sweet, sweet revenge for employees lower on the ladder. When a fast-food manager explained to his "employee" why he was abusive to his staff, the new guy -- in actuality the CEO of the company -- revealed himself on "Undercover Boss" and immediately shut down the struggling restaurant.

"Oh, snap! Never seen this show, but loved the clip. That was priceless!" wrote reader Andrea Lopez on our Facebook page.

"Way to go CEO! I wish more companies did this and realized what employees (and customers) have to put up with in some of their establishments!" wrote Deby Daly.

In a blog-imitating-TV-ratings moment, an "Idol" story came in third place rather than the top spot. (The reality competition also suffered a big ratings loss this week, drawing the type of low numbers it hasn't seen since its first season.) But it was a fun bit that finally got viewers talking about the show after week after endless week of some snooze-worthy pre-taped shows. The thing that got readers talking? Judge Steven Tyler flashing his behind to all of America after the top 24 were revealed on Thursday night's show.

" I loved it... After the stress of letting people go it was a fun way to end it!" reader Lesa Stetler-Tate said on Facebook.

"Best thing to happen on the show ever. And how sad a statement is that?" wrote Eugene Saxe.

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