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Readers on Jackson verdict

Many think that money buys a not guilty verdict
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Here are some of your comments regarding Michael Jackson's acquittal:

Money buys freedomThis is just disgusting! I now have no confidence in the justice system. I guess money can buy your freedom. —Laurel Kar, Anacortes, Wash.

He could change his ways
I only hope this has taught him a lesson in changing his ways. He may have weird habits, but maybe now he will see that even if it is innocent, it is inappropriate for children, male or female to sleep, shower, etc. with him.  —Dee,Dunedin, Fla.

Accuser's family needs helpI believe the verdict is quite fair. Frankly, that family needs a lot of help and the mother should be jailed. —Linda L. Fisk,Waterloo, Iowa

A mother of two speaksAbsolutely not! This jury has just given him carte blanche to go out and molest more children. What will it take to stop this creature? —Sheri, a mom of 2 boys,Parkersburg, W.V.

Celebrity treatmentNO! He got off because he's a celebrity! I totally think he was guilty! —Sheena,Port Orchard, Wash.

Boy should be tried
The boy and his mother should be put in jail for making false reports to the police. —Mary Ellen, Los Angeles, Calif

Where there's smokeNo. It is difficult to believe with all of the accusations for as many years, he did not get convicted on these charges. —Pamela Blum,Katy, Texas

Accuser after moneyI do believe the verdict is fair. I think it was just another case of cold-hearted people trying to get money out of a celebrity. If people want to be rich, then work harder. —Jason Siemsen, Hays, Kansas

Jury did the right thingReasonable doubt, right? Sounds like the jury had plenty of it. —Stephen Bell,Atlanta, Ga.

Prosecution failedIt was the prosecution's job to prove guilt. They did a lousy job. I don't know what the truth of the matter was, but in this country, the prosecution has to prove guilt and they did not. If Jackson is really such a serial pedophile then the prosecution should have been able to find someone with more credibility to use as their victim. This victim is sure to go to civil court now. That's what the family wanted all along: money. —Debbie, South Bend, Ind.

The price was rightLadies and gentlemen today we mourn the American Legal system. Where justice can be yours...if the price is right. At least we can be happy in the knowledge that this will have effectively killed his career and Pinocchio can wander off in oblivion with his chimp. —Name withheld

Too many holesI believe in this case there were too many holes and questions about the truth. As to whether he has every molested a child I do not think we will ever know. —GD,Jones, Okla.

At least it killed his careerNo, I don’t think it is fair. We just told all of our young children that they can be brave and step up and let someone know if this kind of stuff is happening to them and we will call them liars. The only good thing that happened out of this is that Mr. Jackson's career is over! —Beckey Brittain,Tacoma, Wash.

What does Culkin really know?

No. He is obviously guilty. How many children have to be victimized by this "man" before he is put away. The kiddie porn they found in his bedroom should have been enough evidence to show that he is a pedophile who preys on children. Do we really think that Macaulay Culkin would admit to being molested if he had been? Imagine how the press would jump all over that. It is an embarrassing and disgraceful position for a child to come forth to admit to being molested. And so what if he hadn't? What's the point? That he didn't molest ALL the children that he's slept with. In any case, Jackson should learn he should just stay away from children all together. —Sherri Daines, Concord, Calif.

Money rules
Fair, yes. Was he guilty? Yes. However the system has spoken, as it did with O.J. and many other famous persons. People that play sports, have money, and are attached because of the race, are safe from our systems. I never felt that he would be found guilty in the first place. Now just wait for the next time. Then what will all the people say then. I just wonder if all the people that were on Michael's side, would allow their three, four and five year olds sleep in his bed? —Richard,Fort Worth, Texas

White jury made no difference
A 100 percent acquittal by a jury of peers with no African American goes to say that Jackson is innocent and what a pathetic job the DA's office has performed. How about a special prosecutor to prosecute the DA? - Personal vengeance perhaps? —Suresh,Washington D.C.

What did those attorneys make?Yes, what I want to know is how much his attorneys charged for this case? —Jane Luis,McAllen, Texas

Couldn't hurt a flyYes, it was. I was never able to think that Michael Jackson was able to harm anyone specially a minor.  —Blanca,Brooklyn, N.Y.

Average Joe would have been found guiltyI think if it were an "Average Joe" like me, I'd already be serving a prison sentence. It's all about having star power. —Brian,Lancaster, Calif.

Waste of moneyWhat a waste of taxpayer money - leave the guy alone. —Debbie F.,Dallas, Texas

It was slanderYes I do. I don't care for Michael Jackson or his music, but I don't believe there was enough evidence to convict him. I'm sorry, but this family was out for money only and could care less how they got it. I hope Michael sues them for slander. —Name withheld,Lincolnshire, Ill.

Public opinion mattersThe court of public opinion has spoken and Michael will not have the future he hopes for. Guilt is no relevant at this point when no one here in the United States will support him again. —Bryan Stone-Daly, Kearns, Utah

Obvious that he’s guilty
No matter how many discrepancies in witnesses stories it is undeniable that Jackson did what he has been accused of. It is a sad statement about our society that we no longer hold people — especially stars —accountable for their behavior. I am disgusted with the verdict. —Sandy J.,Edmonton, Alberta

Whack jobI think the verdict is outrageous! Our judicial system has gone to hell! So let's set another whack job free so he can molest more kids! —Janet Wagoner,Hemet, Calif.