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Readers hate, love the return of ‘Idol’

Great comedy, or abuse of the mentally ill?
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We've had our say, in three stories about the new season of "American Idol."

Ree Hines gave us a , while Andy Dehnart commented on both the and the .

Now it's your turn. Here's just a sampling of the overwhelming feedback on the show that you've sent us.

PRODUCERS PUSHING BAD SINGERS THROUGH?“One of the worst singers from the DC talent tryouts in American Idol 3 did a local Fox News interview after he was embarrassed and cut by the three judges.  The contestant said that the producers put him through to the final judges, telling him he could sing."    --Jacki

“David Dunning at Cornell University's Psychology Department has done some great work on people's strange inability to judge their own lack of talent.  See [this article] for a pretty good summary.  The worse your talent at something, the worse your ability will be to recognize that lack of talent.  Never is that more true than on 'American Idol,' apparently!”  --Jeffrey

REAL? FAKE? SO?“Excruciating but entertaining.  Real?  Fake?  I didn't really care at the time.  I am ready for the talent though.  Bring 'em on!”  --Mike

BEST COMEDY ON TV”Loved it — best comedy on network TV!  Hard to pick a favorite, but the girl who dressed in the dark was pretty awful — where does the misplaced confidence come from?  Or do these people really deserve a "best faker award"? This is one of the few network shows that still makes me laugh!”  --Karen

RIDICULING THE ILL“I was so uncomfortable by what was clearly public ridicule of the mentally ill that I was forced to change the channel. The fact that FOX humiliated (on national television) ... these individuals inexcusable. ... I am impressed by the number of people in my workplace today who expressed that they had also "turned off" Idol.”    --Linda

“Idol is becoming way too commercialized.  They spent more time going to commercial than showing us the auditions.  I also agree that they focused too much on the negative auditions and didn't give enough airtime to the good ones.  How are we supposed to get to know those that will remain on the show and cheer them on?”  --Mike

WHAT'S WITH THE FAMILIES?"I would like to know what is wrong with the parents, friends, etc. that accompany these people and also seem to be delusional. They support the bad singers and seem just as shocked when they are cut. In the first episode, the "classy" girl was with someone who started crying too when she was cut."    --Josephine

SOMETHING ABOUT MARY”I am enjoying season 4 so far... I couldnt get over Mary Roach though. I think she really does have mental problems.  Seriously who would get on national TV and in front of 4 famous people and say that she heard voices? I could tell by the look in her eyes that there was something wrong. I think she probably thought she had talent. But I don’t think ANYONE told her she had an awesome voice!”  --Dovie

DELUSIONAL"The worst singer was the West Nile Virus chick. The best was the dreadlock dude. I think MOST of the bad singers are putting us on...for supposedly entertainment value. However, I'm sure there were some of them that REALLY think they have talent but are just delusional, like the minister's daughter who ended up cussing out all the judges!"     --Karen

A TEACHER SPEAKS"I am a music teacher and have worked with thousands of aspiring musicians for over 37 years. I can honestly say there are many people out there who think they can sing who are unable. They just do not have the inborn musical ear to hear what they are doing."  --Anonymous

FOCUSING ON THE GOOD"I really enjoyed when they spent some time on the good contestants, like the woman who sold her wedding rings — very moving! I was very impressed by Constantine, who auditioned without his bandmates knowing. He had an excellent voice, and I will definitely follow him as the competition moves forward. ... I also like having the celebrity judge there for the early judging — at least Mark McGrath was good! I hope the others follow suit."    --Kelley

SICKOS"A person had to be sick to watch more than two minutes of this!"    --Nancy