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Readers furious about ‘Race’ finale

Readers are still buzzing about “The Amazing Race” finale and its unanswered questions. Many have chosen sides: Either you’re for Rob and Amber and you think CBS fixed the race so that Joyce and Uchenna would win, or you think Rob and Amber had advantages all along and are pleased that Rob and Amber didn’t take home another million.It’ll be interesting to see if this controversial ending
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Readers are still buzzing about “The Amazing Race” finale and its unanswered questions. Many have chosen sides: Either you’re for Rob and Amber and you think CBS fixed the race so that Joyce and Uchenna would win, or you think Rob and Amber had advantages all along and are pleased that Rob and Amber didn’t take home another million.

It’ll be interesting to see if this controversial ending taints the buzz about the Emmy-winning “Race,” long considered one of the most fair reality shows on television.

Some of your thoughts:


“If people would think back. A pilot had done the same thing for Rob and Amber earlier in the season by reopening the gate so they could board a plane that was already closed. Rob needs to quit his crying. He cheated and manipulated his way through the whole race. At least the other teams didn't have personal escorts from each stop to take them where they needed to be to gain the advantage over everyone else. Rob is a poor sport. And his comments through the whole show about "they" already won Survivor. If I remember correctly, Amber won not him. He was a disgrace to the show and I'm sure the cause of making several people skeptical of watching. I think there would have been umpteen million questions regarding the outcome had Rob and Amber won. He's had his moment in glory, he needs to move on. What a jerk.”    --Amy


“I've watched all the Amazing Races and no way would anyone be allowed on the plane after they closed the gate. I really liked Joyce and Uchenna and had picked them as one of my "hope they win" teams at the beginning but Rob and Amber were obviously robbed. Which could explain why their wedding is being paid for.”    --Mark


“When Rob and Amber was recognized at one of the country they visited, the natives made sure that they got everything they needed.  And one lady actually walked with them to the mat.  So if the pilot decided to give Uchenna and Joyce a break.  It's all in who can beg the loudest and if someone decides to give another person a break.  No one cried foul when someone else got a break.  So let's just be happy for all the winners.”    --JB


“Yeah, I'm a little concerned with the way the Amazing Race ended. I think Rob and Amber should have won. This turning the plane back just doesn't happen in this day in age, and the point of the Amazing Race and all the other reality shows is the strongest survive. I could care less if one team runs with all the clues and gets three days ahead, that's just the way it should be instead of letting all the groups catch up. This is a dog eat dog world. And if you're not the strongest person, then you should get out.”    --Melinda


“Why is it that since two black couples have amazingly won The Amazing Race are there suddenly questions of conspiracy? How was it fair for Rob and Amber to get so much help from natives during the race?”    --Denise


“It was incomprehensible that Uchenna & Joyce did not seek a connecting flight that might arrive earlier in London from Istanbul, when they lead the pack by doing just that the leg before. … That and the completely unfair inclusion of "celebrities" Rob & Amber, who were escorted through several tasks by admirers, have lead me to conclude that there is NO "reality" only packaged entertainment in this genre.  I also found it odd that the boyfriends twice got the only cab drivers that could not get them to their destination properly--maybe they were being deliberately dumped? I stopped watching when the planes left Istanbul and will probably not watch the series again.”    --Ron


“I would like to know why people do not question all of the special treatment Rob and Amber got during the entire season?  Why has this just come up with Joyce and Uchenna?  I have traveled extensively for business and have had an airline have a plane wait for me.  People need to get over it!”    --Mardi


“This whole conspiracy theory wouldn’t even be there if Rob and Amber  won....if the plane had opened for them do you think Rob and Amber would be playing the karma card....Rob is just bitter he didn’t win...if they did due to the plane opening for him, he wouldn’t care in the least about a got CBS's money for 2nd place, you got Amber's money from Survivor, and they are paying you for your wedding...get over it!”    --Kim


“My question is a follow-up to the plane backing up for Joyce & Uchenna — not only did that happen but they also boarded the plane without tickets — Rob & Amber got stand-by tickets at the ticket counter and Joyce & Uchenna did not. They were told the plane was closed and they ran to the gate with only tickets for the later flight.   In this day no one would ever be allowed to board a plane without a ticket.  How can the network explain that one?”


“I think the race was fixed to pander to the ratings game. I do not care what the CBS producers say or deny, this fix is similar to the quiz show scandals of the 50s. Money is involved here. In a post 9/11 environment at federal installations, including airports, the producers claim that they didn't intervene doesn't wash. Will the FCC investigate this? Was the wedding deal a 'consolation prize' to soften the blow to Rob & Amber? I know that this race was filmed shortly after AR 6 was done. The timeline fits for my conspiracy theory.”    --Robert


“I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories, but the finale of Amazing Race had me wondering. In addition to Uchenna and Joyce catching the plane, once in Miami things started to smell fishy. Rob and Amber, who displayed an incredible cunning all season, suddenly gave up their time tested methods. They didn't recruit a local guide, or do any advanced planning. They just bumbled around Little Havana. I'm fairly certain Rob showed some Spanish skills earlier in the season. Why were the best team ever to be on the Amazing Race imploding just before the mat? I would hate for this to be true, but it almost felt like they were throwing the race. How much money did CBS give them to film the wedding anyway?”    --Kate


“Wondering about the fact that Rob and Amber left their backpacks on the plane to Florida.  I would find this to be more of a security issue then letting the winning couple on the plane, not to mention against the rules of the series since it is illegal to do so.”  --Tina