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Readers’ favorite guilty pleasures

We asked you what your guilty pleasures were and you did not disappoint.

We asked you what your guilty pleasures were and you did not disappoint. Here are some of your favorites:

“Center Stage”This is my all time favorite movie because it takes me back to my high school days. In the theatre department at a school of the arts, I secretly wanted to be one of the dancers looked down on by the rest of my school. If it weren't for the dancing, this movie would be painful to watch with its lack of a creative script and flat cast. But when the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Higher Ground” comes on I can hardly resist the urge to get up out of my chair and dance along. (This is why I only watch the movie in the dark of night and no one, including my husband, knows of my secret passion.) If only all trashy dance movies could be this captivating!—Susan McGrath, Fort Collins, Colo.

“Saved by the Bell”
One of the biggest guilty pleasures that I get to indulge in every day is the TV show “Saved By The Bell,” thanks to reruns on TBS. I even make my children watch it. There's nothing like starting the day after watching Zack and the gang get through one of their “tormented youth” problems. I'm 28 years old now, but I have never stopped loving that show. My husband torments me mercilessly for it, but who cares. He's got a few of his own guilty pleasures...—Leslie Egan, Madera, Calif.

AngelThere was a band called Angel that was popular in the late ’70s, early ’80s. They had an album titled “White Hot.” At the time, a lot of bands were wearing matching costumes and had long hair and this band was one of them. I am the only person that I know who still has this in my collection. They must have been somewhat popular because they released the “Greatest Hits” on CD, which I have. I am embarrassed because nobody knows them and I like them!—Patty Justice, Owing Mills, Md.

“The O.C.”
My guilty pleasure is the teen primetime soap opera “The O.C.” on Fox. That show would be great if I were a 17-year-old like Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer. But alas, I'm not. I'm a 23 year old investment banker. How embarrassed do I feel when someone calls me in the evening and the rowdy sound in the background is not of the NYSE on CNBC's evening wrap-up of the stock market? No, that's yet another black-tie gala brawl that Ryan and the gang are involved in that you hear. Oh if life were as interesting as it is in “The O.C.”—Nella, Los Angeles

Campbell's Chicken Noodle SoupIn this age of organic this and no carbs that, I still find comfort in preservatives-riddled Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Not the fancy homestyle or grilled or 50 percent less fat kind. The plain old red-and-white-canned yummy goodness. I don't care that I'm 30 and I should be eating Progresso, the soup for grownups. Nothing brings out that feel good, want-to-stay-in-my-jammies-all-day feeling like heating up a can of that oily, slimy noodles and fake chicken goodness — and no microwaving allowed! The only way to heat up a can is on the stovetop. When I'm not feeling up to par, and with my mother 400 miles away and not able to shower me with her motherly charms, nothing makes me feel better than Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup. Hmmm-mmm good, indeed. —Heather, Chicago

“Road House”The uncut version that they never show on TNT. Patrick Swayze spent his whole career playing...Patrick Swayze, and this movie is a fine example. Ben Gazzara appears to be having a great time chewing scenery as the local bad guy Swayze is trying to defeat. Sam Elliott (my personal favorite voice!) has a great small role as the mentor of Swayze's lead character. This movie, a rainy weekend afternoon in front of the tube with a bowl of popcorn and I'm set. And yes...I've got it on video, but watch it every time it comes on TNT. —Kim, Seattle, Wash.

“The Price is Right”I would die before I admitted it, but I am a closet Bob Barker groupie — I love “The Price Is Right.” On those lucky weekdays I am off, I schedule my activities around “Come on Down.” I am not the typical fan — I am in my mid 30s, African-American and highly educated, but I just love Bob in all his corniness — go figure.—Dionne, Windermere, Fla.

Petula Clark
I had read a review of a two CD anthology of Petula Clarke — yes, you read that correctly, a 2 CD Anthology of Petula Clarke — called “The Best Of The Pye Years.” True, I do have a fondness for candy colored ’60s pop, but Petula? She just seems so square. But the reviewer really talked it up and I must have mentally filed it away for reference, because on a recent trip home to New York City, I stumbled across this album in a record shop (where else) downtown and figured eh, camp thrills, why not? OH MY about guilty pleasures! “Downtown,” “I Know A Place,” “Color My World,” “Call Me,” “This Is My Song” and at least a dozen or more fantastic pop masterpieces that never fail to cheer me up when I need some sunshine. True, they could've whittled it down to one disc (there's a large amount of dross on disc 2) but it's worth it just for “I Know A Place” alone. I highly recommend it to any one reading this, but my closest friends? They haven't got a clue, and I'll never admit to it.—John Finley, Pittsburgh

“Dawson's Creek”I am not quite sure if it happened because I was bored or there was nothing else on but I am addicted to “Dawson's Creek.” It is a shameful secret that I have been hiding from friends and family for over a year now. I have even gone as far as purchasing the DVD Seasons in order to hide my habit (online of course). I find the stories enthralling and I have grown attached to the characters. I have even noticed the changes that each of the characters have gone through as they struggle to make it in the world. AND YES, I DO KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT REAL CHARACTERS! I am a 24 year male that loves sports, beer, woman and farting, and I am addicted to the tales of Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jenn, Jack, and the rest of the gang of Capeside.—John X, North Wales, Penn.

The CoreysI love the horrible badness of almost any Corey movie (Haim and Feldman). “License to Drive,” “Lost Boys”...but the capper has to be “Blown Away” with both Coreys and a young Nicole Eggert. The boys play brothers who are in a love triangle with Ms. Eggert. Steamy and sort of odd (considering she was fresh off “Charles in Charge”) sex scenes abound, but the best moment is when the Coreys fight it out for love. So bad that it is oh so good.—Christian, New York City

“Copacabana” by Barry ManilowThe song I'd like to admit to LOVING is “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow. The man is a genius for writing such a snappy song with such a depressing story line. Lola loses her love and her mind while us listeners lose our inhibitions and dance like showgirls to the song. I remember growing up in the ’80s and there was a TV movie called “Copacabana” based on the song that starred Barry himself! As a seven year old with her very first crush, seeing the object of my affection on the TV was a dream come true. I still love the song even when it's sung off key by a not-so-sober artiste in a karaoke bar.—Lynda Wunder, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Okay, I hate to admit it, but “Xanadu” meets all three criteria. Olivia Newton-John is at her perky best and there's one scene where she's singing to the camera — that if you position yourself right — you don't see the TV and it looks like she's singing right to you! Okay, bring the guys with the white coats!—Tim Anderson, Centerville, Ohio

Wham!Seriously, what is better than a beautiful day with the windows down in the car and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” coming over the speakers? Half that CD is just pure cotton candy — it makes you sick and happy all at the same time.—Stefany Williams, Liberty, Mo.

“MTV Cribs”And the only shallow reasons being that I LOVE to see how HUGE their closets are, and that there never seems to be any books in their “libraries.” Check it out, NOT ONE BOOK, ever!!—Elaine, Bucks County, Penn.

O-TownI can't explain it but I was addicted to their MTV reality show and their CDs. I love them for the same reason you can't turn away from a car wreck. The whole idea of them was so contrived, their music was bubblegum pop and they had more fights than my sorority sisters and I did in college. But I couldn't help myself from watching as much of their MTV marathon TWO DAYS IN A ROW!—Laura, Falls Church, Va.

“Evil Dead” and “Army of Darkness”You can't talk about campy or guilty pleasure movies without giving honorable mention to the “Evil Dead”/“Army of Darkness” movies. The fact that Sam Raimi, genius behind “Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man 2,” gave birth to these delightfully horrid movies makes them even more enjoyable. Throw in the fact that these movies made Bruce Campbell a household name (at least in my household) and you have truly enjoyable films! And what could be better than reading about the filming experience in Bruce Campbell's “If Chins Could Kill”? I mean, c’mon, they spent months cooped up in an old rickety shack in the middle of nowheresville with no plumbing and no heat and (gasp!) no Internet! Now that's dedication...and quality filmmaking!—Renee, Elmhurst, Ill.

Donny OsmondI like to sing along to the old Donny Osmond songs that I loved as a kid. I had the biggest crush on Donny Osmond and would listen to his songs for hours, with stars in my eyes. Now, thanks to, I have downloaded some of those songs and, amazingly, I still know all the words. However, when my friends came to visit and that CD started playing in my car, I couldn't push the eject button fast enough. —Lori Bruce, Moscow, Idaho

Regency Romance NovelsI realize the revulsion many feel when even thinking about the stereotyped, gushing stuff, but hear me out! My mother loves them and dared me to read a few when I was teasing her. I read a particularly ridiculous and trashy one and loved it, to my chagrin. Titles like “The Tempting Duke” and “Her Royal Secret” make my eyes roll, but every once in a while, I get sucked into the romantic escape they provide. They may be silly, with, more often than not, less-than-stellar writing, but who cares? It's not like I buy them...often.—Laura Woodward, San Diego, Calif.

Huey Lewis and the NewsIt feels good to say this: I love Huey Lewis and the News! I don't know why. Maybe it is because I am a child of the ’80s. Maybe it is because of their snappy lyrics. Maybe it is because of the ridiculous situation where the Ghostbusters song was ripped from “I Want A New Drug.” I love them, but please don't tell anyone. By the way, my fiancee's most embarrassing band is Ace of Base. Maybe I'm not too far gone for help.—Jennifer, Dallas

“Grease 2”One of my favorite movies of all time is “Grease 2.” Yes, you read that correctly, it says “2”! I remember being around eight or nine years old, feeling my first pangs of puppy love for Maxwell Caulfield as Michael Carrington, cousin to Sandy of the original “Grease.” Ahhhh, how yummy. The songs and dance numbers are so cheesy, it's wonderful! How can I forget singing “We're Gonna Score Tonight” with my friends at our local bowling ally. Or using my parents' little step-stool as a ladder while I performed my best rendition of “Cool Rider.” How much did I want to be like Michelle Pfeiffer's Stephanie Zinone?! I still sing along to every song, repeat all the dance steps, and speak along with all the dialogue. Believe me, I could perform the entire movie for you, all you have to do is ask. Any takers?—Danielle, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Coyote Ugly”
One of my guilty pleasures is the Jerry Bruckheimer chick-flick “Coyote Ugly.” With an ad campaign hell bent on getting male butts to fill seats, many a man — myself included — walked away feeling cheated. It was as if we were planning to watch “Showgirls” and got “Steel Magnolias” instead. But then there is that darn catchy soundtrack. I'd catch myself humming that cursed “Can't fight the moonlight” chorus again and again. Envisioning the very attractive actresses dancing around with bare midriffs and cowboy boots while spinning bottles feels like a souped-up version of “Cocktail” sans-Cruise. I admit, it may be a cute little coming-of-age story about a girl from Jersey, but I still can't seem to gather the strength to change the channel once it's on. I've even caught it from halfway on cable...then put the DVD in so I could watch it from the beginning.—Rick, Naples

Neil DiamondGrowing up, my parents owned every single Neil Diamond recording ever put to vinyl. The bombastic soft rock vibe must have rubbed off on me somewhere along the way, because I now cherish my “Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits” album. The guiltiest pleasure of them all has to be “I am, I said,” during which I can't help but belt out the lyrics as though I were Diamond himself...which isn't pretty.—Sue O'Hara, Arlington, Va.

“Captain Ron”Whew, that was hard. Okay, I said it, that's the hard part. The easy part is explaining why it's such a great flick! Who hasn't dreamed of buying a sailboat and then sailing it around the Caribbean at some point in their life? Pirates, guerrillas, communists, snobby boat brokers, Kurt Russell with a glass eye? Come on, this movie has it all!—John Armstrong, Kansas City, Mo.

JourneyIf I'm cruising through the radio dial and catch a Journey song — any Journey song — I always stop and listen. This music, cheesy as it may be, reminds me of so many things from my youth that it's impossible for me NOT to stop and listen to it. Occasionally, I'll whip out the “Best Of” CD and pop it in, but it's certainly not something I'd do with passengers in the car.—Deb Dworkin, Royal Oak, Mich.

“America's History: Greatest Hits”Growing up the only album my dad ever played in the car was “America's History: Greatest Hits.” The album came out four years before I was even born. My sister and I are probably the only people our age who know the lyrics to “A Horse with No Name,” “Muskrat Love,” and “Tin Man” (not to mention every other song on the album). I am slightly ashamed to say that I bought my own copy of the album.—Meredith Burgess

Milli VanilliI love those songs! And no matter who actually sang them, they still sound good and are great to sing along to. Plus those guys were gorgeous even if they weren't singing! I have a framed poster of them (in my laundry room) — everyone in the line at Big Lots laughed at me when I was buying it. But I still say they were great.—Mary, Eastpointe, Mich.