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Readers debate Corey Clark’s claims

Many are supporting Paula Abdul
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The much-awaited "Fallen Idol" special finally aired Wednesday night, and viewers were able to hear former "American Idol" contestant .

Clark, who was removed from the show in 2003 for failing to reveal a past arrest record, detailed claims that judge Paula Abdul gave him special help and coaching and eventually had a romantic relationship with him while he was competing on the show.

Here are some of your thoughts about the allegations. For thoughts on Scott Savol's ouster and the remaining contestants, .

“Clark was a loser and criminal and has done nothing since. They had his family on TV this morning on Good Morning America, sans his sister. he says he has no interest in helping Fox find out what happened “because they didn’t help him.” Should they have cheated to keep him on? Of course if he helped them, he’d have to produce hard evidence and his story would fall apart. He’s a creep who is only trying to sell a book. He said he just wants to get on with his career. I was unaware that you called being the fry guy at a burger joint a 'career'.”  --Paul

SOMETHING HAPPENED“I have come to the conclusion that even if Paula is innocent of the accusation that Corey made, she behaved inappropriately in some manner. If she was completely innocent, there would be nothing to report.”    --Anthony

CLARK HAD EVIDENCE“Even though I think Corey Clark is opportunistic and clearly not a victim, I very much believe that Paula Abdul did everything he said he she did. Anyone who saw the special that refuses to believe he’s telling the truth is refusing to believe because they don’t like Corey Clark. He had information and evidence to back up every claim he made. I was really surprised.”    --Anonymous

REMEMBER HIS NAME“Saying the American public is totally responsible for who wins on the show is ridiculous.  Those judges can sway votes, particularly at this stage of the game.  I believe Corey Clark and am disturbed that HE will now be disrespected because he’s finally doing what Paula seemed to want along...give him help.  Believe me, as the song goes:  we will remember his name.”   --Jen

CRYING WOLF“I watched the Fallen Idol special and I think the title fits Corey Clark completely. He’s a disgrace. He took all he could and when it stopped he cried wolf. He’s just using this to make a name for himself which he couldn’t do on his own. I hope the public doesn’t fall for it. Hang in there Paula. Your fans support you.”  --Anonymous

LEAVE PAULA ALONE“I was completely shocked over the recent Idol special.  Okay -- so Paula wanted to help a young guy (that maybe put a sparkle in her eye) and maybe it was wrong of her to do so because of her involvement with the show but he is not a child.  He is an adult.  He knows right from wrong.  His own parents knew what had been going on.  Ya know, we all get our hearts broken one time or another.  Grow up!  Why do people always have to seek vengeance?  I think what he is doing is trying to get his name out there so people will buy his record.  How low?  Shame on him. (I don't think the top 12 Idol spots would have been any different anyhow.  It wouldn't have changed anything - for the real American Idol should have been Clay.)  The whole gossip/tabloid thing is disgusting.  Leave Paula alone.”    --Mery

GROWN WOMAN“As far as the gossip about Paula, who cares?  It's her life and she is a grown woman.”    --Bette

NOT THAT STUPID“Sounded like her voice [on Clark’s answering machine], but Clark and his family look shady. Surely Paula isn't that stupid.”    --Susan

NOT THE 1950s“Even it it’s true, Paula should stay on Idol.  It wouldn’t be the same without her and it’s not a game show like those in the 50’s, where new regulations were created.”    --Lynda

INVESTIGATE“I think Paula should be investigated properly by FOX to confirm or deny the allegations. If she is guilty, Fox should make amends and offer an unqualified apology to contestants both present and former.”  --Nkech

COREY IS CREEPY”Yes I watched the Fallen Idol special. I don’t know what to think except I think Corey is creepy! I love Paula and won’t think anything negative of her.”    --Ann Marie

LEAVE HER ALONE”Leave Paula alone.  She’s a consenting adult! She has a right to do anyone she pleases.  It does sound like her on the phone, though.  But that will not ever change the way anyone feels about her.  She should not be off American Idol.  That show belongs to her and no one can replace her, I don’t care who they are.”    --Tonia

PLAYING FAVORITES IS WRONG"If Paula did have a relationship with Corey, then she needs to go. This is a contest and playing favorites is wrong. She doesn’t offer anything constructive anyway, just rambles on and gives these already pitiful people false hope. Yes her time is almost up. Girl find you a man (and a job) in LA and leave these little boys alone.”    --Andrea