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Readers like a cleaned-up Kutcher on 'Men' for 2012

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Which do you prefer? Clean or grungy Ashton Kutcher?

First full work week of 2012 is in the bag, which means its time to get back to seeing which TV stories in The Clicker you were most interested in!

With the Television Critics Association's winter press tour happening in Pasadena right now, there's been no shortage of TV news. And in fact, our most popular post of the week came from the new look that "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher debuted at the event Wednesday.

The actor -- whose character, Walden Schmidt -- was introduced in the season premiere with a long-haired, bearded, messy look, appeared before critics meticulously cleaned up (and wearing his wedding band despite wife Demi Moore filing for divorce). Kutcher explained that the shorter 'do and fresher appearance was part of the "Men" plot. And it seems that the look may do good things for Walden. We asked readers which look of his they preferred, and the clean-cut appearance won with 75 percent.

Next up? Our exclusive sneak peek of Kim Richards getting called out for her bad behavior on Monday's episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Who doesn't love a good comeuppance story? After weeks of inconsiderate and rude behavior on "RHOBH," Kim's sister Kyle finally confronted her, and all the ladies had Kyle's back. (Can you blame them? Kim had ruined -- or nearly ruined -- many a special event for several of them this season with her strange behavior.)

Our third most popular post also featured some immature behavior, but was more along the lines of "OMG! I can't believe she still hasn't learned her lesson!" That story was "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer reportedly being pregnant with twins. Again. With a second baby daddy. When she already has twin girls. One of whom has medical issues. Sigh. (And readers thought the story the week before about her being pregnant and engaged to baby daddy No. 2 was a stunner.) But rest easy, because the young mom took to Twitter to deny the the tale first reported by In Touch.

While many of you complain loudly that we shouldn't cover the "Teen Moms," we can't help it ... because you LOVE (to hate) them. The fifth most popular story in The Clicker was the post about "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans getting busted the morning the show was set to air a new episode. Oh, Jenelle. This time, the troubled young lady was accused of harassing an ex-roomie via phone.

"Wait! What about story No. 4," you ask? No, we haven't forgotten. We were just hoping to put it off for as long as possible because it's just plain gross. Really, truly disgusting. Yep, we're talking about "Hoarding" once again -- and roaches, to be specific. (*shudder*) A sneak peek of Sunday's new episode reveals that one woman's house is overrun by nasty cockroaches. And not just a couple thousand of the buggers, but "it's more than thousands. It's probably millions -- they're everywhere," said the exterminator. Enough said!

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