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Readers abuzz over ‘Lost’ shootings

Some believe drunken-driving arrests led to character murders
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Warning: Spoilers for the May 3 "Lost" abound.

The most recent "Lost" was a standard episode — until the show's last five minutes. Viewers watched a standard flashback — Ana-Lucia this time — and the show did its usual job of winding characters’ plotlines together. Ana-Lucia met up with Jack's father and the duo traveled Down Under, where it turned out Jack's father has a daughter with a woman who looked quite a bit like she could be related to Claire.

Meanwhile, back at the hatch, Henry Gale continued to fascinate and frustrate the castaways. Interesting, but for “Lost,” somewhat standard stuff.

But in the last five minutes, . A gun flashed, two characters fell at the hands of another, and suddenly viewers began looking at Michael differently. It didn't escape viewers' notice that the two characters who were shot had while shooting the show, although that the charges affected how they wrote the story.

Here are some of your thoughts.

MICHAEL HAS THE VIRUS?“Michael isn’t Michael—I believe that he has either been brainwashed into believing that he will be reunited with his son if he can kill off those deemed as “threats”. Or possibly Michael has been exposed to whatever virus that has others quarantined. If you remember the Scot living in the hatch originally took daily shots of some sort of vaccine-coincidence?”    --Cindi

DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE“If they are dead were they killed off because of the bad publicity from the drunk driving convictions?”    --Lynnette

"I believe they are dead. I wonder if those two were eliminated because of the DWI thing. Or is that just a coincidence?"    --MSBeau

"I believe the off-camera trouble that both of them had, is the reason why they are both killed off the show at the same time."   --Jude

THE GOOD ONES“Michael’s character has always been my least favorite since the series premiered. I think he was either brainwashed or bribed with Walt’s return to do what he did. Maybe this is what the French woman referred to when she said everyone she had been with was dead. Maybe the “others” got everyone to turn on each other and they killed each other. Maybe the “others” have some misguided concept of being the “good” ones and take the children of strangers to recruit to their own ranks. The plot thickens and this was a real killer (no pun intended) episode.”    --Joan

LIBBY CAN LIVE?“I don’t think Ana-Lucia made it, but Jack may be able to save Libby. Michael’s shots were low enough so that she probably did not die instantly. And didn’t she mention wine along with the blankets? The impact of a 9mm is enough to knock anybody out. Just a thought. Henry is either dead or missing. Since the trailer shows Michael in a sling, he could claim that Henry shot Ana-Lucia and Libby and wounded himself in the struggle over the gun and he shot Henry. Or, he gave Henry the gun and told him to scoot. I’m beginning to wonder if the writers are “lost”. They seem to be like Hurley and go round and round to end up at the same beach. Just a thought.”    --Anonymous

JACK’S DAD“I also thought the woman Jacks’ father was yelling at looked very much like Claire and wondered if they were a second family he was hiding. He was such a scoundrel.”    --Anonymous

IN HURLEY’S HEAD“I think the whole island and all of the plots are all in Hurley’s imagination. When the show ends, Hurley will be waking up in a hospital bed strapped to it and the show will be over. All of the island participants will be sitting in the mental ward’s playroom sitting around in their bath robes. How about that?”    --Anonymous

PASS THE KOOL-AID“This half-assed show has vexed me almost from the beginning, but every once in a while interesting things happen that make wading through it worth while. Last night Michael, who in my opinion is one of the more pathetic characters on the show, finally acquitted himself by dispatching not one, but two of the more noxious female cast members. Whacking Libby alone was worth attending the whole hour. I keep hoping for a Jonestown type mass suicide in which every one goes all at once, and maybe they will take this tripe off the air.”    --CC

PURGATORY THEORY“Ana-Lucia finally showed repentence,and acknowledged that her act of vengeance was wrong. Hence, her failure to be able to shoot Henry. All members have died in this plane crash. This island represents Purgatory. The seven deadly sins which are all represented here one way or the other. Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Anger, and Covetousness.”  --Debra

FURIOUS AT ENDING“After the last five minutes of the show, I was (and am) still furious. This episode was so disturbing to me that I may never watch again.”    --Suzanne

WHAT THE--“What in the h#$@ is going on! Just when I thought I was starting to figure this out, the writers throw us a curve. What’s next?”    --Anonymous

LOOK OUT, IDOL“I’m hanging on every moment - damn it! And a 2 hour Lost season finale (I can’t wait) vs. 2 hour Idol season finale? I dun thin so, Lucy. Lost will clobber every demographic but the teenie booppers!”    --Randy