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Rashida Jones remembers the time she was bitten by Michael Jackson's chimp, Bubbles

The "Angie Tribeca" star shared the story with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

Here’s a fun fact you can toss out to your friends at your next party: actress Rashida Jones was once bitten by Michael Jackson’s pet chimp, Bubbles.

When Jones was a kid, she had the chance to hang around some famous folks like Jackson, whose landmark “Thriller” album was produced by her father, Quincy Jones. (Her mother is “The Mod Squad” actress Peggy Lipton.)

It was during that time that Jones says she had what sounds like a pretty uncomfortable moment with music’s most famous chimpanzee. She shared the story with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY.

“He grabbed my hair band ... and I opened the cage to get it back and he got out,” she recalled. “He started throwing things at me. And I went up to just be like, ‘No, don't do that,’ and he grabbed my hand like a sandwich.”

Bubbles at 3rd Annual Amanda Foundation Celebrity Fashion Show
Bubbles left a permanent mark on Rashida Jones.WireImage

Not only did Bubbles grab her hand, but he bit it, too. Jones still has the scar to prove it.

“It was legit,” she told Willie.

Fortunately, Jones, 41, bounced back from the attack and has carved out a wonderful career for herself as the star of such comedies as “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Angie Tribeca.”

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