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'Raising Sextuplets' mom Jenny McClendon is pregnant again

Jennifer Graylock / AP / Today
Jenny McClendon.

Jenny McClendon, better known as Jenny Masche to fans of her past WEtv reality show "Raising Sextuplets," already has six kids of her own. Her new husband, Levi McClendon, has two. But evidently, eight isn't enough for this family.

As she recently announced on her Imperfect Women blog, Jenny is pregnant again.

"I took a pregnancy test, and after one month of trying to get pregnant… it was POSITIVE!" she wrote. "I honestly could not believe my eyes and honestly did not believe it was true. I took a few more pregnancy tests over the next week, and much to my surprise, they were all positive."

Jenny and Levi married in March of this year, and soon decided they wanted a baby -- despite her past fertility problems and his vasectomy. After he had his procedure reversed, they tried for a baby, but weren't very optimistic.

"However, we are SO excited… elated….and still in shock that we are getting to experience this amazing miracle together and add another precious life to our already precious and abundant brood!" she explained. "All 8 children are so excited. They talk to the baby; kiss the baby; fight over who is going to sleep with the baby, hold the baby and help with the baby. It is so very, very sweet to see their little minds work and the fondness they have towards this unborn sibling of theirs!"

Jenny is currently 28 weeks along and expecting a son.

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