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Radnor's one regret about 'How I Met Your Mother' finale: 'I wish we had 10 extra minutes'

When Josh Radnor signed on to visit TODAY Thursday, the former "How I Met Your Mother" star, now appearing on Broadway in "Disgraced," knew exactly what he'd be asked about.



Talk about prescient! Well, it's probably because everybody at some point brings up the controversial ending of "Mother," which ended in March after nine seasons and left longtime fans in a vocal, social media-fueled tizzy. 

Back in April, Radnor had a interview with Vulture defending the sudden-twist ending, and he's not alone in putting a good face on the finale — Cristin Milioti, who played the mother on the show, told TODAY last week that "fans reacted the way they did because they were so invested."

But Thursday Radnor suggested the show could have been improved by spending a little more time wrapping things up.

Ron P. Jaffe / Today
The cast of "How I Met Your Mother" in the controversial series finale.

"I wish we had 10 extra minutes in the finale that we didn't have," he said. "There were some things that got cut that ... I thought were really beautiful. But I think the show ended how it should have ended, and ... the people who were quieter about it really enjoyed it."

An alternate ending was cut and shelved, but that can now be found on the "HIMYM" DVD box set.

Josh Radnor continues in "Disgraced" on Broadway through February 2015.

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