Rachel McAdams to male 'Notebook' fans: It's OK to cry

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By Erin Quinlan

“The Notebook” made her a huge star, but Rachel McAdams isn’t exactly reminiscing over her weepy 12-year-old audition tape that resurfaced last month. “I haven’t seen it,” she admitted during a visit to TODAY Tuesday. “That would be weird.”

The actress jokingly winced as a short clip of the tryout rolled.

“Why are you cringing?" anchor Matt Lauer asked. “You got the part!”

McAdams probably wasn’t surprised that Lauer wanted to chat about the 2004 romantic tearjerker. The actress said the film’s male fans are constantly admitting their love of the movie to her.

“Men want to confess that they cried and it felt good, and it’s a lovely thing,” she said.

Sure enough, TODAY’s Al Roker recounted an occasion when he and Lauer watched “The Notebook” together during a cross-country flight.

“All of a sudden I notice he’s crying,” Roker said. “He’s sobbing. I mean, buckets.”

“Weeping,” Lauer confirmed.

“Uncontrollably,” Roker continued. “And now I’m crying. … We held hands the rest of the flight.”

"Embrace it," the star encouraged.

Fans can watch McAdams take a more hard-bitten turn as lawyer Annabel Richter in the new espionage thriller “A Most Wanted Man," co-starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright. The film opens in theaters July 25.