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Rachael Ray would consider joining 'Celebrity Survivor'

Get ready, “Survivor” fans! Things could get yum-o around the fire pit soon. That is, if Rachael Ray can get the flames started.

During a recent visit to “The Rachael Ray Show,” “Survivor” host Jeff Probst did his best to recruit Ray for a future installment of the reality TV staple.

“I really can’t think of enough money to (make me) want to be (on ‘Survivor),” Ray said, shaking her head. “No way.”

But the daytime host soon waffled when Probst suggested she consider a briefer, all-celebrity edition of the show.

“OK. How about this?” Probst began his pitch. “What if we did a seven-day ‘Survivor’ — only seven days — and we had other people like you to do it — other celebrities. Would you do seven days?”

That earned a “maybe” from Ray, who gave it a little more thought and said, “You know, I might do it just to get a week off, quite frankly.”

This isn’t the first time Probst has attempted to charm a star into joining the often rumored, but still not confirmed, “Celebrity Survivor.” Last week he offered “Late Night’s” Jimmy Fallon a spot on the would-be show and later took to Twitter to enlist help from Fallon’s fans.

“If you think Fallon should do Survivor, tweet him and encourage him,” Probst wrote. “If we can get a handful of great celebs I think we could pull it off!”

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