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Rachael Ray’s marriage ‘broken beyond repair’

Despite their happy-on-the-outside public image, celeb chef Rachael Ray and husband John Cusimano are headed for divorce, according to the National Enquirer.
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Despite their happy-on-the-outside public image, celeb chef Rachael Ray and husband John Cusimano are headed for divorce, according to the National Enquirer.

A source close to the couple explained how obvious they’re problems appeared during a visit with family last Christmas. “It was supposed to be a happy holiday time, but Rachael and John made the mood tense,” the insider told the Enquirer. “When they arrived, John stayed outside for 15 minutes. When he finally came into the house, Rachael acted like he wasn’t even there. She even closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to meet his gaze!”

Later that same evening, Rachael allegedly gave John the bedroom boot. “He was sent off to sleep in a little upstairs loft that’s normally where one of Rachael’s mother’s cats sleeps.”

Rachael’s publicist told the Enquirer the story was untrue, but the magazine’s source insisted the relationship is “broken beyond repair” and will likely be over “before the year ends.”

Jessica Alba’s weighty worriesAt six months pregnant, Jessica Alba has a growing concern. Life & Style reports the actress is terrified of the usual baby-on-board weight gain, and as a result, she’s become obsessed with exercise.

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“It’s like she’s training for a marathon,” said a source who spied Jessica working out at the gym. “It doesn’t look normal, a pregnant woman exerting herself that much. Trainers tell pregnant women not to overdo it, but she’s not listening.

An insider told Life & Style the reason behind Jessica’s over-the-top exercise routines is a no-brainer. “It’s no wonder she’s freaking out — her body is what helps make her a star.”

With Hollywood’s baby bump boom, there’s also the stress to look good alongside other celebrity moms-to-be. “Everyday, as she gets bigger, she exercises more,” a friend of Jessica’s told the magazine. “She feels pressure to look good pregnant.”

Dish on the flyWhen explaining the importance of friendship in an interview with Star magazine, George Clooney pointed out that Al Cowlings is the model pal. “He was the guy who drove O.J. Simpson’s car when he was on the run,” George said. “I always liked that guy. You know, your buddy comes to you and says, ‘Get me out of here.’ You go, ‘All right, I’ll drive. Go get a mask, a passport, $20,000 and jump in the back.’ I like to think I’d drive.” … Britney Spears gets no sympathy from gruff “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell. “Britney has brought this on herself,” the Simon told the Mirror. “I think she's manipulated the whole thing, like waving a pregnancy test at the cameras. I've heard she won't leave the house until there are enough photographers there.” … In a recent interview with Empire magazine, “Lost” star Matthew Fox admits he’s not the law and order type. “I break the law all the time!” the Lost star revealed to the publication. “I've done plenty of illegal narcotics, but I think everyone knowingly breaks the law pretty often, don't they? I can't imagine living my life abiding by the law completely. That'd be tough to do.”

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