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Watch 'Queer Eye' cast get the best surprise from 'hero' they transformed

A fan-favorite "hero" reunited with the Fab 5 who helped him change his life.
/ Source: TODAY

The fourth season of "Queer Eye" premiered on Netflix less than two weeks ago, but fans of the series already have a new all-time favorite makeover — or "make-better," as the transformations are called.

Wesley Hamilton charmed viewers and the Fab 5 themselves when he took the spotlight as one of their latest "heroes" — a single father who'd been left paralyzed as a result of a gunshot wound.

Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Antoni Porowski visited TODAY Wednesday morning and recalled Hamilton's amazing appearance on the show and the impact it had.

And then they were surprised by a reunion with the man himself!

The Fab 5 couldn't have been any happier to see Wesley Hamilton still thriving since his episode aired.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

They all jumped out of their seats and went in for a hug when Hamilton visited Studio 1A and it's easy to understand why it was such an emotional moment for them.

"Wesley was a big one for all of us," Brown said just before the 30-year-old came out. "(He) was our first disabled hero and we were very proud to be working with him. We learned so much — we're still learning more after the show."

And when he suddenly saw Hamilton again, the show's culture expert and de facto therapist continued to stress the important role he played for "people who have never understood what someone who's living with a disability goes through."

"Queer Eye" hero Wesley Hamilton inspired the men who inspired change in his own life.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

But Hamilton remained focused on how the show impacted him.

"This was an amazing experience, I mean, I'm just blown away to see you guys," he said with a smile. "Everything about it, every little bit changed my life."

Karamo Brown and Wesley Hamilton spoke candidly about the incident that left Hamilton paralyzed on "Queer Eye." Courtesy of Netflix

Brown, however, continued to think of the lives Hamilton has changed with his kindness and his strength — which came across on "Queer Eye" when he sat face-to-face with the man who shot him.

"(It) allowed a dialogue on social media that I have never seen in my life," Brown insisted.

As France put it, "The world has fallen in love with Wesley." To which Hamilton added, "I've fallen in love with the world."

It's easy to see why Wesley Hamilton has become a fan-favorite hero.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

And those strong emotions are exactly what the series is all about — and it's what sets it apart from the 2003 show it borrows its name from.

"We like to believe it is a very different show (from 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy')," France explained. "Yes, the concept is the same — it's five guys — but other than that, we're a very different show. There's so much emotion with this version that wasn't allowed with the original version."