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Quaid says his ‘G.I. Joe’ character is ‘badass’

“He’s sort of a cross between General Patton and Hugh Hefner,” said Quaid about his General Hawk character.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“Access Hollywood” caught up with Dennis Quaid during an interview for his upcoming film, “Smart People,” where the actor spoke candidly about the highly anticipated big screen version of “G.I. Joe” and his character, General Hawk.

“He’s badass!” Quaid told “Access.” “He’s sort of a cross between General Patton and Hugh Hefner.”

As for the tone of the movie, Quaid said, “It’s like doing one of the early James Bond (movies), like ‘Dr. No,’ where the evil guy has his own fortress up in a mountain some place, and it gets blown up at the end.”

Action fans fear not, the movie will not disappoint, according to Quaid, who said, “It’s a lot of action, total action.”

As for fans looking for all the requisite “G.I Joe” military carnage, plus something a little racy, Quaid thinks moviegoers will be more than satisfied.

“Action and cleavage! That’s what it’s about,” he added.

Speaking of racy, Quaid says co-star Sienna Miller’s Baroness costume is “really decked out,” describing it as “a ‘Barbarella’ liquid armor suit.”

Quaid seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his “G.I Joe” experience telling “Access,” “It’s going to be a lot of fun, it really is. It was fun to do.”