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Putting the ‘B’ in bad

“Today” entertainment reporter Jill Rappaport talks to rap mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs on the release of his “Bad Boys 2” soundtrack and buddy Ashton Kutcher.
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Rap mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has teamed up with one of the most anticipated movies of the summer — “Bad Boys 2” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. “Today” entertainment reporter Jill Rappaport visited with the rap star in his recording studio to talk about his all-star soundtrack, his friend Ashton Kutcher and the possibility of another name change.

THE ORIGINAL “BAD boy” meets “Bad Boys 2” for one hot soundtrack and P. Diddy says it puts the “B” in bad.

“Bad Boys II [is] of course the movie. My record company’s called Bad Boy. And so we decided to get together with the movie and the label and do one of the biggest soundtracks in history.”

Since the launch of Bad Boy Records in 1994, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has had a string of hits both as an artist and producer of some of the industry’s top stars.

Now, the premier party boy, fashion icon, actor and TV producer has put together an all-star lineup for his first movie soundtrack.

Sean Combs: “We have Justin Timberlake on the soundtrack, we have 50 Cent, Snoop Dog.”

Jill Rappaport: “P. Diddy.”

Combs: “Beyonce, P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz, the list just goes on and on and on.”

Rappaport: “You now have joined forces, merged with Universal. This is such an exciting collaboration for you isn’t it?”

Combs: “And the first release I wanted to make sure it was a big release. And so I had to call everybody up.”

Rappaport: “And say, ‘Hey, P. Diddy, do me a favor.’”

Combs: “I had to call on some favors from my friends, and they all came to my rescue for the launch of my label.”

With the release of his first soundtrack just days away, P. Diddy is also making news about a re-launch of the “Rat Pack.”

Rappaport: “You know, we’ve been reading a lot about you lately, because of your friendship with Ashton Kutcher, that you guys are the new Rat Pack 2003?”

Combs: “We have a little thing, boy’s club thing, jumping off, but you know I can’t really reveal…”

Rappaport: “Well, wait a minute, I heard you refer to him as like the Dean Martin and you’re Frank. Is it...”

Combs: “He calls me Frank some time, I call him Dean.”

Rappaport: “And who’s Sammy?”

Combs: “You got Jamie Foxx, he’s Sammy.”

Rappaport: “So, you really are doing a new…”

Combs: “No, no, it’s not as serious as people make it to be. It’s like an inside joke that we’ve all said — just really admiring those guys on their work ethic back then.”

And in true Rat Pack style, P. Diddy’s lips are sealed on the subject of his pal Ashton’s much talked about relationship with Demi Moore.

Combs: “Would never tell.”

Rappaport: “That’s right. Not old blue eyes. He knew how to keep a good secret, huh?”

Combs: “Right, that’s why they call me brown eyes.”

But there is one relationship he’s quite open about — his own with model Kim Porter, the mother of his son, Christian.

Combs: “She’s somebody that’s special to me, and always been by my side.”

Rappaport: “Any chance of?”

Combs: “I’m not really going to do that right this second, I would say. I’m trying to right now be the best boyfriend I could be.”

Rappaport: “Now, what does she call you “P”? What do people, your close friends, call you?”

Combs: “People call me anything from ‘P’ to ‘Diddy’ to ‘Puff’ to ‘Sean’ to ‘Frank,’ you know.”

Rappaport: “Because you know every time we hear it the name’s changed a little bit, you know?”

Combs: “Yeah. It’s about to change again, but we’re going to save that for another interview.”

Rappaport: “Oh, come on.”

Combs: “Yeah.”

Rappaport: “Talk about a tease. What’s it going to be, Puh?”

Combs: “No, something else.”