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Pulling a Paris: Five More Celebrity Interview Walkouts

Even Chris Brown stayed put (that is, until he got backstage).
/ Source: E!online

Even Chris Brown stayed put (that is, until he got backstage ).

But, no, Paris Hilton couldn't, so she excused herself from an interview, thus joining a long line of celebrities who have cut short Q&A's, rather than supply the A's.

Here are five others who got mortified, miffed and/or mad before pulling a Paris:

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1. Gary Coleman: Months before his 2010 death, the former child star was an unwell man whose mood was not improved by an Insider debate on the state of his domestic union. His buttons pushed, Coleman hit eject on the appearance, going out with some choice expletives. "Wow, that was hard to watch," anchor Lara Logan said. Yes, it was.

2. Robert Pattinson's Publicist: At the 2009 New Moon premiere, Ryan Seacrest asked Robsten--sorry, Pattinson--about Robsten. The gall! The nerve! The, um, totally appropriate thing to ask a leading man whose franchise is built on his rumored relationship with his leading lady! Pattinson's flack wasn't on board with the last one, and all but yanked the actor out of the studio. Pattinson was sheepish; Seacrest dumbfounded. "I was just cut off for the first time ever," the host said.

3. Russell Crowe: Gee, usually this Oscar winner is such a pussycat. Hard as it is to believe, Crowe took offense to a question (about whether he played Robin Hood with an Irish accent) and then another question (about which lines he did or did not want to say in Gladiator) before unplugging his BBC Radio mic in 2010. At least no telephones were harmed.

4. Bobby Brown: The singer's mother is deceased now, but back in the mid-1990s, she was not to be affectionately referred to as "a riot," much less "a trip." Trust us on this.

5. The Bee Gees: This famous/infamous 1990s TV appearance began with the U.K. interviewer comparing Barry Gibbs' falsetto to Mickey Mouse's. Nine mildly uncomfortable minutes later, the eldest Gibb walks, prompting his two siblings to follow. It's all rather dignified. Except for the host's agape look.

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