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Publicist bills Heather Mills for $168,000

Heather Mills' ex-publicist has sent her a bill for $168,000 . She says that the activist told her she didn't have the money to pay her earlier, but now Mills is $50 million richer after her divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Heather Mills has been slapped with a bill for $168,800 for publicity services.

Michele Elyzabeth, who quit working for Paul McCartney’s ex-wife last month following a heated phone call with the activist, has now sent Mills a bill for services rendered, Access Hollywood has learned.

“As this personal and business relationship has come to an end, I am hereby requesting all previous fees, which were deferred until such time that you were financially able to fulfill our verbal agreement,” Elyzabeth wrote in a letter addressed to Mills and obtained by Access.

In July, Elyzabeth told Access’ Tony Potts, “I worked for free because she told me she had no money.”

Now, with their relationship over, Elyzabeth is asking to be paid in full by the woman whose split with McCartney left her nearly $50 million richer.

“As you recall, I only agreed to work without pay because you stated you would later compensate me for working for you, because at that time, you were not receiving any financial help from Paul,” her letter continued. “After the information contained in the Approved Judgment of the Honorable Mr. Justice Bennett, which was rendered public March 18, 2008 proved otherwise, I am requesting payment forthwith.”

Mills was not immediately available for comment.