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Psychiatry prof lists Britney’s crazy credentials

Citing lackadaisical parenting and a penchant for turning designer tunics into tacky miniskirts, US Weekly recently published a mental illness report card for Britney Spears.
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Citing lackadaisical parenting and a penchant for turning designer tunics into tacky miniskirts, US Weekly recently published a mental illness report card for Miss Britney Spears. Brit’s crazy credentials, as pointed out by UCLA visiting psychiatry professor Carole Lieberman (who isn’t treating Brit Brit), include:

Difficulty with everyday life: Britney’s general confusion, including the fact that she recently needed directions to her own home, indicates “drugs or mental illness,” according to Dr. Lieberman.

Wild mood swings: Britney’s ability to go from all-night partying to crying in her car indicates that she’s “spinning out of control.”

Prolonged apathy: For example, Britney’s apparent indifference to losing her kids paired with her disintegrating personal appearance. “People stop caring when they get depressed,” said Dr. Lieberman.

Poor eating and sleeping habits: Brit’s typical wake up time: 1 p.m. Typical brunch: Taco Bell, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, ya’ll!

Excessive anxieties: Turns out, Brit’s constant quote, “I look ugly,” is all about profound insecurity in social situations. If that’s the case, what American gal ain’t crazy?

Lionel stalls Nicole’s nuptials Looks like Nicole Richie and Joel Madden won’t be making it to the church on time. At least, not if Nicole’s famous father, Lionel Richie, has any say in the matter, reports the National Enquirer’s Mike Walker.

It’s not that her songwriting pops disapproves of Nicole’s choice in baby daddy or even the type of music Joel Madden plays. Lionel only wants to do what’s best for his princess. According to an NE insider, “Lionel doesn’t think Nicole can handle the stress and told her: ‘Baby, in life it’s first things first!’”

Once his grandchild is safely in the world, Lionel promises to spring for whatever kind of wedding Nicole wants. Said the source, “Lionel knows how poorly Nicole reacts to pressure in her life, so he thinks the wedding should be postponed — and he knows Joel is willing to wait.”

Chyna's pup problems A Web-based Chihuahua co-op wanted to cut off wrestling reality star Chyna from pup purchasing, but she took it to Christina’s Court and won, reports TMZ.

In an e-mail to TMZ, the owner of the site, Catherine Knell, cited several problems the co-op had with Chyna, including, “We found out that one or more of the pups previously shipped to her had died after escaping into the street. As breeders and animal lovers, we are always concerned about alleged cases of animal negligence or abuse.”

In closing, Catherine wrote, “Judging from her lack of concern for us or the pets involved, the only thing Christina should be judging is Michael Vick dog fighting contests.”

Dish on the fly
Terrified Tori Spelling recently overcame her fear by facing what she’s afraid of most — the hosts on “The View.” Guesting on the show “was something I was scared to do, so I wanted to do it,” Tori told OK! “All those women have big personalities and they’re very opinionated, so I thought I have to go in there and bring my voice." In the end, her fears were unfounded. “I went in there and they made me feel very comfortable!” Tori said.

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