PSY gives TODAY anchors dance fever with return to plaza

Tamron Hall, Savannah Guthrie, PSY and Matt Lauer

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By Randee Dawn

Put on your dancing shoes, because on Friday PSY returned to the TODAY plaza -- and everybody got into the groove. And we do mean everybody -- from the anchors in New York to David Gregory in Washington, D.C., and even Al Roker in Kentucky.

Matt Lauer does his thing in New York.Today
David Gregory dances down in D.C.Today

But even before the "Gangnam Style" international pop hitmaker did any singing, the TODAY anchors were reminiscing about his previous visit, when they learned his horse-rider moves. And just in case someone wasn't sure that the Korean pop star was all about dancing, he had one of his short-skirted backup dancers with him during his chat with with Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer, gyrating the whole time.

Later, he got a peek at Lauer's dance moves and noted, "Wow. That's beautiful!" He suggested they dance later in the show, but Lauer remained noncommittal. (He has busted some moves before, though.)

TODAY has been instrumental in PSY's success in the U.S., he told the anchors just before performing his new hit, "Gentleman."

"Not because of just 'Gangnam Style,' but because, you know TODAY show I did one last September, and right after that I got a lot," he said. "So once again, thanks again for having me here one more time, TODAY show."

He also gave a shout-out in Korean ("Korea rules!") to his hometown fans, and noted that the enormous number of hits the video for "Gentleman" has already racked up (260 million, said Lauer) had something to do with that -- "the population of my country is 50 million, so what can I say?" he asked.

And then things got really funky, as PSY demonstrated his new move for "Gentleman," which he called the "arrogant dance." "You should be arrogant (when doing it)," he instructed.

That's when everybody got into the act -- complete with sunglasses. Be sure to check out the videos so you can contract dance fever, too!