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'Project Runway' returns with a second chance for its all-stars

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Season 8's Mondo Guerra gets another shot at the top prize this season on "Project Runway: All Stars."

Aren't you excited that "Project Runway" is back? And not only is it back, but a cast of all stars (which means talented designers AND total lunatics!) will be returning for another shot at victory. Although there are some cast members I never really needed to see again (cough, Mila, cough), I'm not only interested to see if some of these people have grown as designers, but also to find out if the more annoying contenders have seen the error of their ways and might try playing nice this time around. I doubt it, but I'm interested just the same. 

Thankfully, we kick things off with one of the designers I not only liked the most as a person, but who truly deserved to win his season -- Mondo. He admits his heart was broken when Gwetchen walked away with first place, to which I say, you and me both, brother. He's thrilled to see Michael again, but I can't say I'm quite as thrilled. Admittedly, I had a lot of sympathy for the guy, as he became the punching bag of season 8, but I suspect he might have had an annoying side that inspired evil Ivy to want to stuff him into a dumpster. 

Oh, look! It's Mila! She of the color block! Mila thinks she has what it takes to win. Her designs are current and contemporary! Yes, ripping of a Mondrian is SO modern! And it's not like you can't buy color blocking at Macy's right this minute or ANYTHING! Anthony is also in the house, and the lesson he learned from his season is that he will never second guess himself again, but if I recall correctly, he really should. Jerell is getting his sash and tiara this time. Psst, I think that's "Toddlers & Tiaras," Jerell. Elisa wants to win. She didn't, like, care last time, but this time she cares. All I care about is finding out if Elisa is just as nutty as she was when she was last on the show. Don't let me down, Spit Queen! Austin has always been a star, so it makes perfect sense he's back for the all star season. I won't argue with that, actually, although I'm a little sorry his show with Santino didn't work out. Kenley knows she can come across as snobby and rude. But she's totally fine with it! Oh, Kenley. I now have my answer to whether or not she learned anything from her season (short answer: no). 

Angela Lindvall is our surprisingly awkward but sort of charming host.  As much as I love Heidi, I can appreciate that the show has gone in a completely different direction this time around (Molly Sims learned the hard way on "Project Accessory" that she's no Heidi). I get the impression Angela will be a little more sympathetic and a little less gleeful about tearing the designers to shreds -- but it's only an impression. 

Angela explains the rules. No immunity. EVER. The grand prize is an exclusive boutique in select Neiman Marcus stores and online. And a year-long guest editor gig for Marie Claire. And there's more! Sewing machines, sergers, office space, it's crazy! Oh, and a hundred grand cash. Mila says all of the prizes were on her wish list to Santa! I think Mila needs a sugar daddy if she doesn't have one already, because Santa is only going to bring her a lump of coal, I bet.

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