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'Project Runway' designers are puttin' on the Broadway ritz

From l.: Kara Janx, Jerell Scott and Michael Costello have to make a Broadway-quality costume in a thrift-store style.

So this week we have the "Godspell" challenge, which will allow the judges a chance to cackle as they toss out one of their few (maybe only) reliable rules (don't go costumey!) to make the designers, well, go costumey. Welcome to Upside Down World, where good is bad and bad is good and, well, that's kind of "Project Runway" every week. Remember, it's not fun unless somebody cries!

Speaking of Upside Down World, none of the designers can believe Rami got sent home next week. Jerell is especially flummoxed, as he actually liked Rami's outfit. No one says "God knows it was certainly better than Austin's 'Golden Girls' outfit," but I'm sure most of them are thinking it. 

But it seems Austin is just the man for the evening's Broadway challenge. He tells us that theater is the world of illusion and fantasy as he makes circular motions with his hands, so we know he really gets it. 

Legendary composer Stephen Schwartz will be our very special guest. The designers will be creating an outfit to be used in "Godspell," specifically for Uzo Aduba's character. Then, there's a lot of garbled conversation about how the character is very rich, and steals money, but the cast dresses thrift store, to which probably made perfect sense in the half hour conversation Schwartz had with the designers, but sounds a little incoherent as presented here. But no one cares, because they want to have a Broadway debut! And get their bio in Playbill! That's a very big deal! Because tourists from all over the country will be crinkling up those Playbills and scattering them through Times Square after they've used them to toss out their old gum! Oh, and it's a separates challenge, as Uzo has to be able to put on the outfit while on onstage. 

Austin is in such a good mood. This is his kind of challenge! He's even able to look on the bright side when it comes to Kara. He loves her emotional roller coaster, as she can be in a fabulous mood one moment, then rolling in a deep depression the next. He calls it a fun-filled theme park ride, I call it manic depression. Tomato, tomahto. 

Mila thinks the designers have been unnecessarily complimentary to one another. Worse yet, Kara and Kenley are, like, friends! Was Mila the little girl in school who had a birthday party no one came to? Just guessing. 

After sketching and Mood, it's time for Joanna Coles to pop in. She's VERY excited about this challenge, which means she arches exactly one eyebrow and does not seem spectacularly bored. She loves Austin's outfit, because it's currently hideous but will be fabulous. Uh, thanks? Joanna thinks Kara's boring outfit lacks ambition. I think it's time for the emotional roller coaster of Kara to plummet! Joanna thinks Mila should make a pencil skirt out of her garish neon fabric. I think Mila should return said fabric to the '80s from which it came, but if that's out of the question, I guess a hideous pencil skirt will have to do. 

Joanna announces that she was in "Godspell" at some point, so she's taking this challenge to heart. Well, that accounts for her momentary interest in having facial expressions. She thinks Mondo's outfit is fabulous, but hopes it reads from a distance. Jerell is… fine. Joanna can't believe Kenley isn't doing polka dots. She loves the coat, but I think we can all agree it does not look so hot with the skirt.

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