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Prince William Saves a Life--and Sets a Date?!

Don't look now, but Prince William just pulled a Tom Cruise!
/ Source: E!online

Don't look now, but Prince William just pulled a Tom Cruise!

Just days after announcing his engagement to longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, the prince leaped into action for the Royal Air Force and dramatically saved a man's life.

No doubt Princess Di would be proud.

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The boy who would be king, who serves as an RAF search-and-rescue, flew a helicopter through thick fog on Thursday afternoon to the 3,000-foot peak of Mt. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, to transport a heart-attack-stricken hiker to the hospital.

The 45-year-old victim, Greg Watkins, told the U.K.'s Sunday Mirror he owes his life to William and his team.

"If it wasn't for him and the rest of his crew, I'd be dead," said the father of two. "He'd probably say he was just doing his job but, to me, he and his crew are heroes."

"I didn't know Prince William was flying the helicopter until we landed at the hospital," added Watkins. "Even then I felt too unwell for it to really register. The winchman helped me out and on to a stretcher then whispered, 'Prince William's just flown you here.' I looked up at him and just said, 'Oh. Tell him thank you.' It didn't really sink in until I woke up after my operation. Now I think it's amazing."

What's also amazing is that the prince got the call only two days after his fairy-tale announcement that he and Middleton, both 28, are planning to wed.

The British press is now reporting that the couple has targeted April 28--just after Easter--as the date for the royal wedding. That's when William's reportedly requested leave from his royal-rescuing duties. It's also in line with what a palace spokesperson confirmed would be a spring or possibly summer nuptials.

Of course, for April to happen a lot has to be ironed out organizationally with the royal family, the government and the police who will be overseeing security for what will undoubtedly be one of the most watched television events ever.

That should easily rival, if not dwarf, the 1 billion who tuned in to see his dad, Prince Charles, tie the knot with Lady Diana.

Maintaining his cool amidst the heroics, William meanwhile attended a friend's bachelor's party in Blackpool this weekend while his fiance spent time with her parents.

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