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Prince William and Kate Middleton's Five Best Friends in Hollywood

So, Prince William and Kate Middleton are dripping with Tinseltown pals, right?
/ Source: E!online

So, Prince William and Kate Middleton are dripping with Tinseltown pals, right?

"As he has never been to Hollywood before, and Catherine has never been to America," royal biographer Andrew Morton, of The Morton Report, tells us, "it would be fair to say that they have very few if any friends in Hollywood."

So, OK, they're not dripping. Yet.

Here's a rundown of the royal duo's show-biz besties, pending their arrival in California:

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1. The Beckhams: Los Angeles-based British transplants (and royal wedding guests ) David and Victoria are as glamorous as Will and Kate's 90210-area chums get. Bad timing, however, may keep the two couples from double-dating this weekend in California. David has some soccer stuff; Victoria has some baby stuff. (But, rest assured, according to David, they have been invited to hang.)

2. Joss Stone: As the U.K. soul singer (and fellow royal-wedding alum) recently reminded, she goes way back with William, having been enlisted by the prince and his brother Harry to perform at the 2007 tribute concert for their late mother, Princess Diana. Stone's supposed to be in L.A. shortly--on July 11 and July 12, to be exact--to plug her new album. No word, however, on whether she'll be in L.A. this weekend. (If you'd had a scare from an alleged kidnap-murder plot, you might not be talking up your every move, either.)

3. Guy Ritchie: Madonna's ex-husband has strong enough family ties to Kate that he, too, scored a wedding invite. The filmmaker's name surfaced again in connection to the bride and her new groom via a British tab report that said NFL owner Steve Tisch, who executive-produced two of Ritchie's films, would be hosting a small but swanky Hollywood reception for the royals.

4. Owain Yeoman: Frankly, we always pegged the House of Windsor for NCIS fans, but, go figure, this Welsh costar of The Mentalist scored a coveted spot at Saturday's BAFTA-sponsored "Brits to Watch" red-carpet gala ( to be organized, in part, by American Idol's and So You Think You Can Dance's Nigel Lythgoe) at L.A.'s Belasco Theater. As for whether Yeoman's a personal friend of the royals, well, let's just say, since William is president of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and presumably has veto power over the night's honorees, the actor sure ain't no enemy of them.

5. Elton John: Who said Joss Stone and Williiam go way back? As any connoisseur of "Candle in the Wind 1997" can attest, this pop icon and William go way, way, way back. Logistics, however, would appear to make a meet up this weekend unlikely. On Friday night, John's supposed to be in concert in Canada. Three days later, he's supposed to be in concert in Italy. But since a man of his means surely could squeeze in a quick side trip to L.A., there's been a " promising rumor," as a British newspaper put it, that he'll host a welcoming party for his princely pal and his bride.

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